Cookie Cutters Continued

You can never get enough cookies, right? This is the quilt that I’m using on the table. It further carries the holiday cookie theme in the kitchen. It was skillfully stitched by quilter Beth Cecchettinni. I’m sure you’ve spotted the cutter shapes in the quilt border. This is how my cookie paintings translated and were inspired from the actual cutters, mentioned yesterday. The “Cookie Cutter Christmas” fabric released a couple of years ago so, I’m not sure if it is still available.

As always, a little sentiment is incorporated into the art, such as the recipes printed behind the cookie row. The complete recipes were included on the patch panel coordinate too and most were taken from my grandma’s recipe files. I like adding a personal touch whenever possible.

I might have to post about cookies all week long! There’s lot’s more cookie cutter crafting to share.


4 thoughts on “Cookie Cutters Continued

  1. Nothing like teasing me with more fabric that isn’t available anymore!! But the idea of a cookie cutter table runner is in itself inspiring! Thanks much!!

    1. Ahaha Elly – That’s funny. I’m sorry, I intend to do more cookie fabric, sometime in the future. Meanwhile, I did a quick search. It turned up some but needle in a haystack! Type in Cookie Cutter Christmas Fabric on Google, then try Fabric Paradise.

      1. Thanks Janet! I will do that and see if I come up with anything! I’ll let you know if I am successful in getting some!

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