Coloring Christmas

Sleepovers are very good for catching up on Christmas projects that get put on the shelf until there’s time. I purchased this self color wrapping paper several months ago at a trade show. We got started last night and hope to finish this morning, just enough to wrap mom & dad’s secret present. The kids art will be an added bonus I’m sure. Spent some wonderful quiet coloring time in the process while Frosty the Snowman played in the background. Another memory made!

8 thoughts on “Coloring Christmas

    1. Hi Elly – Yes, blessed for sure regarding the kids near by. One is out of state so, I know what you mean. Getting her today though, for ten days! Merry Christmas.

  1. Merry Christmas Janet and lets make it a New Year by doing just one thing we said we would..hehe..I leave Monday to spend Christmas with the kids, can’t wait!!! Hope to see you when I get you dear friend…Roxanne

    1. Hi Roxanne – Have a wonderful time with your kids and a merry Christmas too! Yes, maybe we’ll get together for a workshop (or two) here in the studio, eh?

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