White Christmas

Extremely low temperatures kept our modest three inches of snow around for nearly a week. Even in small amounts, a beautiful sight. We’ll need a lot more flakes falling to guarantee a white Christmas.


4 thoughts on “White Christmas

  1. Where do you live Janet?
    Here in Grand Rapids Michigan we have gotten just enough snow and has stayed cold enough that we might have a White Christmas; plus the weather man says we’ll get little bursts of snow here and there to whiten everything up! Nothing says “Christmas” than glistening white snow!

    1. Hi – That’s for sure, white glistening snow. We’re in Missouri. Driving through Illinois to pick up my granddaughter today, we drove through miles and miles of beautiful falling snow along the way.

      1. We had another “cookie dusting” last night! Today the sun is shining, and it really does look like glitter!

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