Christmas Morning Pics

As it turned out, we did get many more flakes for a spectacular white Christmas. Snow two weeks in a row was nice but on Christmas eve, perfect! Nothing like a good snow to set the holiday mood, in just the right amounts.

Things around here are not quite back to normal yet, although I realize that it’s back to work for many. I’m catching my breath and still enjoying the holiday mode for now. Christmas prep and activities wore me out. I’m not finished resting up.


3 thoughts on “Christmas Morning Pics

  1. Your snow pictures are so beautiful. Everything looks quiet and serene. I hope you get rested up soon! I think I got caught up last night and sure hope so with deadlines approaching.

  2. How peaceful. Thanks for allowing me to visit your home here on the Internet. I am still recovering from surgery on both of my feet and the difficult year. Happy New Year and blessings.

    1. Oh my! Both feet? Well, I hope you are able to be sitting in a comfy chair with both propped up on a cushy hassock surrounded by plenty of magazines or books. Oh, and someone yo serve you coffee or tea!

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