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During the past year of Joy Studio, I have met and been privileged to get to know better, a new community of artists, crafters and collectors. Still others I have come to enjoy hearing from are admirers of the same, all of whom I have found fascinating. Connecting with so many like minded, creative and sensitive individuals has opened up new ways of creating, crafting and creative communication. It has also reminded me of the sheer fun of it all. I look forward to reading your comments and sharing each others ideas in the coming year.

So, without further delay – in celebration of the Joy Studio blog’s one year anniversary, I am offering a giveaway extravaganza! The prize will be a combination of previous giveaways conducted over the past year, materials I used on my Valentine project last February and a $50 gift card to Michael’s! The winning name will be randomly selected on January 24th, our official anniversary.

Here’s how to play:

Three chanses to win.

Leave a comment about your favorite media of art or craft or any hobby, here on the blog. It doesn’t matter what it is, painting, quilting, altered art, digital art, gardening, etc., whatever you like to do.

Post about this giveaway on your blog (if you have one, if not, you can do the  alternate option, below)

•Click the “Like” button at the top (if you want to become a fan of the pg.) of the Tidings of Great Joy, LLC facebook page.

Alternate option for an additional opportunity to win if you do not have a blog or already are a fan of T of G J, LLC – leave a similar comment as stated above, on the Tidings of Great Joy, LLC facebook page.

Fabric seen here can be purchased at local quilt shops or contact Quilting Treasures for availability.


34 thoughts on “Get Aquainted Giveaway

  1. Happy Anniversary! I’m looking forward to another year of JWF inspiration. BTW my favorite creative activity is sewing/quilting. Just wish I could do more of it…

  2. I am a member of DPS…Decorative Painters Society. While I have enjoyed taking classes (for the past 5-6 years) and learning different techniques (mostly acrylic) I’m yearning for a new outlet. I will always do some acrylic but, I want to learn some new ‘stuff’ like altered art, etc. I want to go back to watercolor also. I guess I have my palette full don’t I! I’ve always loved your work and you are an inspiration to me.

  3. Oh Janet!!! Must I choose???? I LOVE all crafts. I first taught myself to draw mostly trees when I was in middle school, I would sit for hours drawing trees, then I taught myself to crochet, after I mastered that, I saw a girl sitting on bleachers in high school knitting. Oooh, I was fasciated. I even remember the first piece I tried! Yellow and Black stripes! What was I thinking? My edges looked like the banks of a river, not one even!! I got some tips from a lady I worked with and that set me straight. In high school, home ec. was my subject, sewing, also, dance, drama, theater, tennis, and then a attended junior college, I tried music, photography, dance and loved every single minute. As a young adult, I did crewel embroidery remember Erica Wilson designs? I still have many of those pieces! Cross stitch was next. Sewing many, many dresses for my daughters as they grew up. I have done sculpting, pottery, jewelry making, doll making, even stained glass. Finally, in 1986 I learned to tole paint and still love it to this day. I am a long standing member of SDP. I love quilting, scrapbooks, computers, piano, reading, creative thinking, card making, flower arranging, fiber arts, making beads (clay) I would love to learn lampwork and wood carving specifically, carousel horses. I am partial to victorian homes, afghan hounds, yorkies, the woods, the beaches, and bird feeding and watching. I have gardened when I was able and owned a home. I more recently learned a very special hobby, collecting fabric from very special designers, and I wonder who my favorite is? So I know I have rambled on much more than you ever wanted to know but I simply have such a difficult decision if I have to choose!! I recently saw George Barry and very wonderful wood carving man from Mississippi making beautiful animals from wood with a pocket-knife and a broken piece of glass; a method his father taught him and he still uses today! Thanks DIY and Facebook for yet another connection! This post is full of “I’s” and I apologize for that, you may remove it if you like, but I come here often because I feel comfortable here among such talent. I learn constantly from the people out in the world like you, generous, compasionate, caring, God-loving, Artists like you!

  4. Happy anniversary! Would love to win your generous giveaway! Seems Michael’s is a second home…at the moment, I’m mainly working on mixed media pieces…all those infinite possibilities still turn me ON:)
    Thx much!

  5. OHMYGOSH! How I would love to win your special giveaway!! I found your site via Kelly Rae Roberts blog this morning and I love your style! Can’t wait to jump over to facebook and add my name to your wall! THANKS!

  6. I also found you via Kelly Rae Roberts blog. Beadweaving is something I have enjoyed, I use tiniest possible beads and weave rings with them, time consuming and painstaking, I love it. But the other craft I love is all the mixed media type stuff, using papers, ephemera, ribbons, rubber/clear stamps and words for sentiments, it’s such a great creative exercise. Thanks for running this giveaway and thanks for sharing your art with me, I truly am inspired.

  7. I love beadweaving and mixed media, papercraft because I can use ephemera, ribbons, labels, beautiful papers, and get glitter and glue all over the place. My beadweaving is controlled, paper arts are fun and very free. Thanks for running the giveaway. Good luck to all. I so enjoy your artwork and appreciate your sharing it.

  8. I love all things artsy craftsy…I love to sew, do stained glass, and love creating mixed media art. I just found your site via Kelly Rae this morning, and I am so glad I did! I LOVE the fabric! Happy Anniversary – I will be checking the Quilting Treasures website too! The giveaway is such a wonderful idea, but I have already received inspiration by finding you!

  9. First let me say Happy anniversary and congratulations. I have just recently found your blog but I love it all! I do not have a favorite hobby as I garden, sew, knit, crochet, paint , draw, glue, bead, assemble…it is all too fun! Thanks for the wonderful blog and the generous giveaway!

  10. hi Janet, congrats on the one year anniversary. It’s funny,but that’s about the same amount of time I’ve been blogging too! Re. the favorite craft medium, that’s a tough one. There are so many things to do and I love to work with fiber and textiles, — so knitting, crochet, quilting, felting,… michelle

  11. My favorite art media is matte medium. I use it with papers,fabrics, and other things that need it! lol. Love your blog.

  12. Hello!
    I found your blog through Kelly Rae Roberts blog. I would love to win your very generouse giveaway.
    Painting, crafts and mixed media/altered art are the things that I do.
    I’m interested in your blog and tutorials if you have them. Good luck with your work.

  13. Oh Janet! Another year of your wonderful artwork is prize enough…but I can always use a leetle more fabric – LOL! I love to create simple quilt designs using fun fabrics (such as YOURS) that quilters of all skill levels enjoy to make. I love fabric and only wish I had more artistic talent to draw and create my own – for now, I will just enjoy the great work of you and others in this wonderful industry!

  14. I totally love your art work. I too like some here found you today from Kelly’s site, what a wonderful surprise. I love to do all sorts of crafts…but my favorites are painting, mixed media and making jewelry. ..TFS , this great opportunity.

  15. What I like about your blog?…everything.
    I love the painting, the sentiments you use. I particularly use your ideas when I’ m making cards.
    off to your facebook page.
    Thanks for the generous giveaway offer. blessings.

  16. Hello! It’s my first visit here to your lovely blog. I enjoyed looking around and reading your posts very much. I’ve bookmarked your blog so that I can drop in and visit again soon.

    I like to work in mixed media and I especially like to make hybrid quilted wall hangings. Thank you for the chance to win your yummy goodie bag. I’m sure it would inspire me to get those creative juices flowing and make something beautiful! And I promise to post a pic of what I make with it on my blog too. 🙂

  17. What a lovely giveaway! I love many crafting areas, from sewing to mixed media. It’s usually dictated by what gifts I’m thinking to create for my friends or family! Suzie

  18. I just found your site and love it. My favorite art right now is mixed media on canvas. I do not have a blog or a facebook. Hope I can still be entered to win.

  19. Happy Anniversary! Oh how I love to quilt. It is absolutely my most favorite thing to do.
    I will post of your giveaway on my blog and I have liked you on FB for quite awhile.

  20. I want in on this giveaway! I think I like hand work best, sewing, embroidery, crocheting, anything like that.
    I do love quilting, but enjoy the process of laying it out, more then sewing on the machine. lol

  21. What a lovely giveaway! Congratulations on your anniversary!

    I love mixed media because it is so versatile – I can work with paper, fabric, wood, paints, chalks, inks and the list goes on and on.

  22. Painting, Quilting, Crocheting, and making things for my grand-daughter are probably my favorite if I have to choose. Sorry for such a long post earlier! For some reason when I read your blogs and look at your delightful photographs I just feel so nostalgic and friendly!

  23. I forgot, I have found a fun thing to do while recovering from two foot surgeries. While I had to keep them elevated. I have begun to crochet scarves for the Special Olympics in Minnesota, my home state (although I no longer live there.) That has been so much fun and it makes me feel so good to do it.

  24. I’m basically a quilter, but I also make dolls, animals, etc. I do love to paint, but haven’t done it in some time. A goal this year is to get back to it. I’ve “liked” your Facebook. Thank you for doing this. As a fan of your fabric, this is very exciting.

  25. I’m with Norma Jean. It’s hard to pick just one craft. My fav’s are quilting and cross-stitch. I don’t do enough cross-stitching lately, but still have it on the fav’s list, as that was time spent with my Mom, and that is always time held close to the heart. Thank you for organizing this generous giveaway!
    nsue21702 at gmail dot com

  26. I have just recently discovered your website and blog and I LOVE LOVE LOVE your work!!!! Your style is the kind that just sucks me in and makes my heart sing!! I feel so inspired!! Looking forward to reading (and seeing) more!!!

  27. It’s hard to pick just one favorite – I really enjoy playing with several mediums. One I’m exploring right now is combining charcoal with acrylic.

  28. My favorites are quilting and general sewing, though I periodically try to get into knitting (so much less messy! yet so time-consuming!).

  29. What a great idea… and happy anniversary…. my “craft” is quilting….. but I love to look at everything….. paper crafts, pottery, sewing………

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