Finishing Touches

Last April the foundation was just being prepped for our new church home, remember? Glad to report that it’s almost time to move in!

Just a few finishing touches needed…

a final cleaning…

and we’re there.











Hallelluiah, God is able!


5 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. this very inspiring set of photos goes with a teaching I was listening to the other day. We go from level to level being stretched to new things that at first seem at the edge of our imagination. As God brings these hopes and prayers to pass in our experience we gain a new base for further faith in what He can and will do.

    We start with an empty field and end with a beautiful place to congregate to serve Him … it is very edifying 🙂

  2. Your church is lovely. What a wonderful sense of accomplishment you and your fellow church members must feel. God is good!

  3. Congratulations! Several years ago I was involved in the building of our new church. It was an enormous undertaking, but the end result is wonderful and it was built so that it can be expanded in the future with minimal cost and effort.

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