Quilters In Salt Lake

Last November (9th) I posted Finishing Touches which included a hint about the 2011 Spring fabric line that I had just completed. Well, Spring Quilt Market begins at the end of the week so, I’m letting the beans out of the bag. Terri, your guess was correct, COFFEE it is!  “Daily Grind” is a chocolate-y colored, internationally flavored, polka dotted fun group of fabrics. Hope you like the collection of art  as much as I enjoy a freshly brewed morning cup!

Quilt shop owners stopping by the Quilting Treasures booths, 300 – 307 in Salt Lake City, May 13th through the 15th, 2011 have a special “Daily Grind” surprise gift offer waiting for them. Be sure to stop by.

Available in quilt shops Mid-June.

My cup runneth over.   Psalms. 23:5


19 thoughts on “Quilters In Salt Lake

  1. Janet…what wonderful, playful fabric. I love the polkadot (and the rest, of course)! Have you done anything in the line of teapots and tea cups?
    Have a great week.

    1. Hi Sharyn – Thanks. I would really enjoy doing a tea pot and cup group and was torn as this line developed, in fact. So, God willing, tea will be in the near future.

  2. Can’t wait to see this new fabric. I just got the panel and Christmas skirt for Tidings as well as the stripe (it’s just the beginning of this stash) – totally amazing. As the daughter of a pastry chef who specialized in Austrian and German pastry and made the best gingerbread, the cookies are such a treat for us. I have several pieces from another of your line that I’ve incorporated into Christmas gifts.

    1. Hi Suz – Good to hear that you are enjoying the fabric. So, daughter of a pastry chef specializing in Austrian & German pastry? I am in the middle of some chef (images) work that I must keep a secret for now. However, would you mind if I e-mail you privately for a little tools of the trade research? 😉

  3. I love this, Janet!!! I’d know your work anywhere! Can I brag that you’re an art buddy of mine when I see it in shops? 😉


  4. good, good morning janet – I was delighted to hear from you. What a delicious fabric line. You know I ham a huge fan of your lovely work (would love to come study with you!!!)

    congratulations – I will be looking for it in the stores. The coffee cup would make great wall dec :o)

    hoping all is well and you are feeling deservedly blessed


  5. janet, didn’t readily see your email addie posted here – but, may I post on my blog about our new coffee collection and share the pics you have here along with your link? I just returned from coffee with a friend and want to share about both? let me know . . .I cannot wait to see this in stores – tis lovely, just like you :o)

  6. Hello!I am in Florida an I thought I would check in to see how you are doing and it looks like you are doing much better my friend…coming home Sunday so maybe we can meet like we hoped or call me so we can talk! Your design is wonderful!!! Of course xoxox p.s. thats my phone email address

  7. Just saw this post!
    As always, I LOVE these designs! Can’t wait to get them!
    Don’t know what it is that I am drawn to, but like Diane, I can spot your designs ANYWHERE!!

    Hope you had an enjoyable and lovely Mother’s Day~
    Two days after Mother’s Day, I became a grandmother for the third time 🙂 A lovely little boy named for my Dad, who has been gone these 25 years.

  8. Wow, I just got back from annual conference of Society of Decorative Painters and my Hancocks of Paducah catalog was waiting for me. This is the truth, I was way to tired to do much but find the nearest pillow but I did take the catalog and do the quick 10 second flip of the pages and in my mind said, “Ooh, I like the coffee fabric, I will look closer in the morning.” But I came here first, read this post, ran to the mail pile picked up the catalog and what a neat surprise! Janets new line! Yippee! It is GORGEOUS!

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