Turtle Safety

Does anyone, besides me (& my friend Denise) help turtles cross the road, when in a safe area of course? And only the box turtles, not the snapping type. I suppose all the rain we’ve had lately, has our oldest, favorite reptiles on the move, have you noticed? Or perhaps it’s Spring fever? What ever the reason, I’ve moved a lot of turtles off the country roads recently. I really enjoy watching them….and drawing them too.



7 thoughts on “Turtle Safety

  1. You bet!! I always fear for a turtle’s life when I see one attempting to cross a busy road.

    Looks like your turtle is going north for the holiday weekend!
    Hopefully he will get there before the festivities are over 🙂

    Happy Memorial Day, Janet!

  2. I had to do it twice now. I think you remember when you had me get out of the car and save one. That was one unusually fast turtle.

  3. Thought of this post the other day when my daughter and I were driving along a country road, and passed a turtle that did not cross safely~
    It made me sad 😦

  4. Me, me, me! I carefully picked up a turtle and put him in my car. The weather was so bad, but before I could drive him to safety he hissed real loud and scared me! I skidded off the road in the rain! But, it all ended safely and I carefully let him out across the road when the rain let up and all is well!

  5. I apologize for commenting on an older post, but I was catching up on blog reading during an overnight bout of insomnia. 😉 This really touched a chord with us because my husband is a renown turtle crossing guard LOL! Box and painted turtles, yes, but also snappers. Rather like a tiger, he grabs one by its tail and lofts it to safety. Last month, a huge snapper was on a curvy stretch of two-lane road and unlikely to cross successfully, but had strong objections to my hubby’s attempts to help. Looking about, he grabbed a decent-sized stick, onto which Mr. Snapper latched so hard, bark went flying. Thus occupied, the tail grab commenced and each got to the shoulder safely, and with all digits accounted for.

    Probably most rescuers know this, but always always always get the turtle to the side of the road in which he was clearly headed. If you put them back on the side they started from, they simply try to cross again. (“Excuse me… I was trying to go THIS way!”) 😀

    We both LOVED the turtle drawing! What a happy fellow…

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