Mini Art Camp

Sharing art supplies and techniques this week at our 1st Annual (mini) Art Camp.

Art Appreciation - Field Trip

St. Louis Art Museum field trip, Art Camp, kick-off.


4 thoughts on “Mini Art Camp

  1. What a cool thing to do with your Grandchildren. I love it. Can’t wait to see what they made!
    I’m hosting “Grannie Camp” in a couple of weeks. Hiking, dam building and puppet making are on our list of ‘to dos’. Of course the most fun is the story telling at night.
    It’s such a fleeting, precious time isn’t it?

  2. Art Camp….how cool. I wish those opportunities where available when I was little! I hope to live close enough to my grand daughter one day to be around to share with her my love for art and crafting. Her mom is pretty talented though and they do keep Haylee busy “experiencing” all that life has to offer!

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