Too Too Hot

It’s too hot even for drawing snowmen. Our hottest day so far this summer was today, 102. The high humidity makes it feel like 115! Did I mention… I hate summer? Did I mention…, I love snow! Whew.


6 thoughts on “Too Too Hot

  1. OH I love your art! I just love it! You are so inspiring! I am going to have to confess though…I don’t like snow much.

  2. I am with you girl!!! snow.snow.snow! love your snowman he is as cute as all the others! Keep cool!!!

  3. Hi Janet
    Just stopping by to say hello and I hope your summer is going well in spite of the heat..
    Blessings to you today

  4. It has been a record heat in Florida too. Hurry Janet, put that charming snowman in front of a nice summer air conditioner! How did we ever survive summers as children before air conditioned homes?

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