Welcome Relief – Clouds

…and MAYBE some rain. I hear thunder, it’s getting darker and I see a few wet spots on the pavement! Lower temperatures too, thank you God. I just remembered posting about sooooo much rain in April. I don’t think I was complaining though. Oh boy, now the wind is kicking up! Oh yeah, big drops, here they come. A rainy day and old John Garfield movies on TCM, feels good, feels cozy. Working on Christmas designs.


3 thoughts on “Welcome Relief – Clouds

  1. I’m with you about summer. Can’t complain too much about this year in southern NH. So far only one real nasty week (compared to last year – the whole month of July and part of June!) However, I am counting down the days until fall, my uber favorite time of year. I’m already looking at fall quilts and waiting for pumpkins. I’m also making a lap quilt for my niece-in-law with Christmas Traditions panels and fabric (I made their stockings with Cookie Cutter fabric a couple of years ago). I’m so ready for summer to be over.

    Love your snowmen!

    1. Making a quilt… with Christmas Traditions? Oh, I would love to see a photo sometime when it’s finished. Thanks for writing to let me know. Yes, I’m counting down as well Suz. 😉

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