W is for Window

Wow! Windows are open this morning due to a nice break from the heat. Lo eighty’s for the high, all Week. August in Missouri, un-heard of! Hope it lasts.

W, for Wonderful Weather.

The featured W image is from my first fabric line, Hungry Animal Alphabet, Which Will be making another appearance soon. I’ll reveal the details later. Meanwhile, how many W’s in the image above do you count?


17 thoughts on “W is for Window

  1. So EXCITED to hear your alphabet fabric line is reappearing!! A friend of mine mad an adorable baby quilt with it! I missed purchasing it the first time around; sure hope I can acquire it this time!!

    I see a WALRUS sitting in a WING chair eating WATERMELON on a WICKER table by a WINDOW in the WINTER!!

    Hope you’re enjoying this fine WEATHER!!

  2. Ooh! Nice weather nice fabric! I’m excited to see the return of the first line! Let’s see, walrus, wall, window sill, window, wood, watermelon wiskers. Lol

    1. Ahaha. Thanks for playing Norma. I should offer a giveaway prize for the largest number of W’s. I’ll reveal the rest in a few days. Oh, and btw, I didn’t mention another fabric appearance, did I?

  3. I see eight things that start with W. Is that right? Window, Walrus, Watermelon, Wicker, Winter, Wallpaper, Wainscoting, and a Wing Chair. How fun! Do another one!!!

  4. Hi,

    I’m very happy to have “found” you and your intriguing site. I also like the women who have entered your e-circle. I would definitely like to participate in your monthy tutorial project. When you have it ready to go…just give me the word!

    Speaking of Words: Wingback chair, wainscotting, walls, windows, wood floors, watermelon, wedges (of w’melon), walrus, whiskers, wrinkles, webby-hands, wry smile, wicker heart, and a big blue W.

    You’re inspiring!!

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