Birthday Buddies

Happy Birthday to Kaylan & Joan! My Hungry Animal Alphabet B – Bear is Baking you a Birthday cake today. Birthday greetings and B word guess comments are…

w e l c o m e.

Hope you Beautiful Birthday Buddies, Both have the Best Birthday’s ever.

By the way, the W word I intended for the table in the last post was (bent) Willow. B-Because Milissa’s comment included, “do another,” I’m thinking I may just post Hungry Animals until Fall Quilt Market in October, eh?


4 thoughts on “Birthday Buddies

  1. I can’t wait to see this fabric back in the stores! I love it and so will my two grandchildren! Happy Birthday to Kaylan and Joan! Now, let’s see: Bear, bread, bead-board, bowl, birdhouse, bare bear feet! LOL and of course the letter B. Oh, I looked again base-board also! That’s 8 for me! How fun this is. I will play this game with my grand-daughter Haylee! She will love it. Hayden isn’t born yet, he’s due the last week of September! I’m so excited, I wish I lived closer to them! Not to mention a wonderful wedding next May for my youngest daughter! What more could a mom ask for!

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