Hungry Animal Alphabet

Quiltmaker Magazine Nov/Dec 2011

It’s true, the Hungry Animals are back! Quilting Treasures will be showing the line to quilt shop owners next week (booths 1056 – 1063) at the International Quilt Market in Houston. The classic collection of fabrics will deliver to shops in January. So, be sure to keep an eye out for this popular panel set in bright, bold reds and the other refreshed coordinates.

E-Animal Alphabet Games Collection

15 thoughts on “Hungry Animal Alphabet

  1. I can’t wait to see these fabrics. I forgot how old I was when I looked at the first Alphabet that came out. Fabulous details. Do I have to grow up?

  2. I just recently found some of the “old” line that a quilt shop still had from the first go round. I hope to add to it!
    I just LOVE your designs; they’re so whimsical and FUN!!

  3. Hi, I am embroidering Amazing Designs’ release of your Hungry Animals I release, making a quilt out of them. The digitizing is wonderful, but the designs come from the pen of the artist.

    Will you have a second release for machine embroidery? … pretty please?

  4. Hi, I just loved that series of fabric. I bought many of the alphabet panels on clearance but have just held on to them because I loved the artwork so much! and the book that had projects in it with this fabric maybe being able to get coordinating fabrics I will finish them! I just love the bright colors, whimsical artwork of the pictures so creative! thanks so much, Jill

  5. I just love these Janet. I think I might have to go to a quilt market someday to see what that’s all about.
    Hope all is well!

      1. I just love this fabric and want to make a quilt out of it. Can you please tell me where to purchase it. Thank you.

  6. I just got some of the Hungry Animals fabric–I love it and am making a small quilt for my granddaughter. Is there a key to all the words in the blocks? I’m struggling with the indian blankets in “M”


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