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It’s a Party! A ‘Quilters Blog Hop Party,’ that is. Complete with give-aways, of course. Quilting Gallery is hosting the Blog Hop Party in celebration of their 4th Birthday so, c’mon & join in the fun.

Our ‘Joy Studio’ blog hop party giveaway features a ‘Cup Full of Quarters’ (fat quarters) from my new fabric line, “Daily Grind.” These colorful quarters will make a perfect coordinating mug rug or give as a gift. To enter just post a comment about how you like your coffee best. If you’re not a coffee lover, that’s OK, just let me know that too. Daily Grind is presented by Quilting Treasures & can be found now, exclusively in quilt shops.

The winner will be drawn and announced following the Blog Party, concluding on

December 17th

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Update 12/13/11 pm:

For a second chance to win, comment ‘liked’ and click on ‘Like This’ at Tidings of Great Joy, LLC  – Facebook


209 thoughts on “Quilter’s Blog Hop!

  1. This sounds fun! People always think I am a tea drinking sort of gal! And I do love tea! But the smell and taste of that first morning cup of joe is the best! And I like it best with cream and some sugar!

    Happy Christmas, Janet!

    1. Hi – If you haven’t done this already, I added to the Quilter’s Blog Hop Party:

      Update 12/13/11 pm:

      For a second chance to win, comment ‘liked’ and click on ‘Like This’ at Tidings of Great Joy, LLC – Facebook

  2. Coffee mugs! Oh, I love coffee mugs (sometimes tea mugs too). Don’t ask how many I have; I don’t know. My coffee: first cup black, second cup with a little creamer. I just might have to make another coffee quilt. That would be my third? maybe fourth? coffee quilt. Love the fabric too.

  3. I like my coffee strong and with cream and sugar………often accompanied by a muffin, bagel or scone. Love the fabrics with coffee theme. Need to get some…and a cup of coffee soon!

  4. I’m not a big coffee drinker. I do drink it though when I’m up all night studying for a test or final at school.(college) When I do have coffee I drink it with vanilla or white chocolate macadamia nut coffee flavoring.(or whatever mom has in the icebox) lol. Thank you for your giveaway. Such beautiful fabric!


  5. I am not a coffee drinker at all….but DH is. He grinds his beans, french roast I believe, and makes his coffee in a filter right in to his cup. No milk or sugar. I love the smell of coffee and it tastes pretty good too, but the caffeine does me in. Thanks for a chance to win the fabulous fabric. My DH needs a coffee mat.

  6. I don’t drink coffee, but I LOVE the smell! My mom would really enjoy something made from this gorgeous fabric. Thanks for the chance.

  7. Love the fabric – it looks great and love that it is exclusively in quilt shops!
    How I have my coffee, I’m not a big coffee drinker but I don’t mind a mocha once in a while.

  8. I drink tea alot, but when I have coffe it has to be a flat white and bought….instant only if I reall really have to…and absolutely no sugar

  9. I like my coffee black and first thing in the morning while checking out blogs. My DH brings me a fresh brewed cup as soon as he hears me moving about. What a lucky me!

  10. I’m a coffee drinker! (I can’t bear tea!)
    I like my coffee strong with just a dash of milk
    We have holidayed in Portugal several times in the last few years and I love their coffee’ drunk from tiny cups, sitting outside and always with a delicious custard tart!!

  11. Oh I’m a coffee addict so this was made for me think! I easily drink 10 cups a day… I like my coffee reasonably strong, fresh brewed in a coffee maker at home, the beans should be “Gevalia Mellanrost” and it should be black with nothing in it of any kind =)

  12. I like to put Ovaltine in my coffee. Gives my a chocolate rush, but with vitamins. Makes me think I’m drinking healthy.

  13. A day without coffee is a terrible ordeal. I have cut back on my coffee drinking to two cups a day, but sometimes it just has to be three. I keep several bags of coffee beans in my freezer and steadily drink better coffee through the week to really fabulous coffee on Sunday with a fantastic breakfast. I just went off to have my second cup this am. The smell, along with this giveaway, was overpowering me.

  14. I’m more of a tea drinker. But when I drink coffee, I like it strong with milk and 1 packet of sweetener. But I like it best paired with chocolate in some kind of dessert. Thanks for the chance to win.

  15. I like my coffee best from Starbucks!! That mocha frappucino thing is like a caffeinated milkshake!!! 😉 ANd I have a friend for whom this collection would be perfect!!

  16. I am very fond of coffee, Espessialy at saterday morning, slowly waking up with a good cup of coffee with just a little bit of cream…that’ll makes my day! I like your coffee fabrics a lot so I like to give it a change to win your give away. I am busy blog hopping already and I am a participant as well! So much fun! Kind greetings from the Netherlands!

  17. I am not much of a coffee drinker, but we do have an espresso maker so when i feel like going though the whole process of grinding the beans and frothing my milk i do enjoy the occasional capuaccino..lol

  18. I’m not a coffee drinker but my husband has coffee instead of blood in is veins and Starbucks is his heaven. I love the smell of it though and every time he gets a new cup he gives me first sniff.

  19. I only drink 2 cups of coffee all day…in the morning when I get up….2 splendas and half and half…has to be half and half…..thanks for a great giveaway…

  20. How fun! two years ago I made my mom a coffee quilt, she drinks coffee by the gallon! I like either ice coffee with lots of milk and a packet of stevia, OR in the cold I make my own cappucino mix- instant coffee, nexquick, sugar, powdered creamer- all the good stuff!!

  21. I do like my morning cup…a nice medium blend…smooth and not too nutty…while sitting in front of the puter.

  22. I love coffee. In fact, I have a cup right beside me now. I tend to like a cappucino but quite like a chai every now and then.

  23. I love the fabric! We are serious black coffee drinkers here. We buy whole beans, and grind them fresh for almost every pot! Just love the stuff!

  24. what fun! i love coffee – and our keurig is our favorite possession. it makes such great, fresh coffee. always perfect! i used to be a cream and sugar girl, but now i’m just a sugar girl. i will drink it black, but prefer it slightly sweetened. mmmmm.

  25. OMGoodness! This is totally right up my alley. I am a coffee FREAK (even have that on my blog about me!), and this fabric is just adorable. MUST.HAVE.SOME. :0)

    I drink mine with just a little bit of creamer. That’s all. I want to be able to taste my caffeine. LOL

    Thank you for the chance. This is just the cutest ever!

  26. Hello…your fabric is just lovely…I am not a coffee drinker…I’m a tea lady; but hubby drinks rick black coffee..lol. I would love to win this fabric..thank you.

  27. Cute giveaway. I like my java with chocolate protein powder, lactose free milk and a little bit of sweetener.

  28. Coffee with a splash of cream about 8 times per day!!! Love coffee, it’s my drink of choice. Beautiful fabric too. would love to use this in a quilt for World of Charity Stitching. Come visit us on the Blog Hop Party too!

  29. Hi! Your fabric is lovely. I LOVE my coffee, strong with some milk, no sugar. Have to have a cup as soon as I get out of bed, and it must be served in a mug, not a cup. Aren’t I fussy?-LOL.
    Merry Xmas from Sandy. 🙂

  30. Oh wow… love it all..Love my coffee…can’t go without it first thing in the morning… love mine with a little sugar and cream…. thank you for entering me in your give away…

  31. I’m going to have to find a quilt shop as I LOVE your new Coffee fabric. I also love coffee…flavored, with just enough cream to give it color. Yum! Makes waking up extra special, doesn’t it?
    Hope you are enjoying your comments. I think it’s the most fun part of this blog hop…I’m a participant too.

  32. I could drink coffee all day long then sit down and take a nap…..I live on it.

    This would be wonderful to make mug rugs, which is on my short list.

  33. I like my coffee hot. I love a well made Cappuccino but very rarely get one. I also tend to drink my coffee luke warm as by the time I get to my coffee it has gone cold

  34. I am not the coffee lover in my house. That title belongs to my husband. But I sure love tea and those mugs are just adorable as is the fabric! Thank you for the chance to win. 🙂

  35. What beautiful fabric!! I LOVE coffee– with sugar and cream– and have about 4 cups every morning– (I use a BIG mug, so I can pretend that I’m only drinking *2* cups 😉 Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!!!! 🙂

  36. One of the first quilts I made was for a fellow coffee lover. I made scrappy pieced coffee mugs with appliqued handles. I embroidered “I like coffee, I like tea, I like the java jive and it likes me. Coffee & Tea the java & me, a cup a cup a cup a cup a cup.” In the border. So much fun. I always have raw sugar and non-fat milk in my cuppa, every morning.

  37. I am a lover of coffee – strong, black coffee! Love the smell of freshly ground coffee beans and savor the aroma of that first brewed cup – oh heaven.

  38. I like a good French Roast coffee with a bit of milk and sugar — nothing fancy. Your fabrics are so cute! Thanks for the chance to win.

  39. Love the java prize. Thanks for the chance to win. I like my coffee like this:
    Folgers Instant
    1 pack of sugar free hot chocolate mix
    1 dash if mint flavoring from Starbucks
    2 packs of Steevia.

    Yum! Skinny minty chocolate coffee.

  40. What a wonderful giveaway! I would be thrilled to win it.
    I can visualize making a beautiful apron and strip on matching kitchen towels with this fabric.
    I love a good cuppa Columbian coffee. It’s hard to get a good cuppa coffee where we live now (Utah) but we live next to our grandkids so it’s all worth it and we love it here.
    Happy Holidays…

  41. Your fabric is gorgeous! I like flavoured coffees, with lots of flavoured creamer. A *real* coffee drinker would have a fit!

  42. I like my coffee black. I want to taste the coffee not anything else! I’m the same way with tea…what can I say! Thanks for the chance on your great giveaway!

  43. As far as I am concerned coffee should be black at all times! Love your fabric line, I have already purchesed some but more would surely be welcome!

  44. I am a tea drinker, but, love my lattes! Has to be strong and no sugar and definately not boiling hot – spoils the flavour. Thanks for the chance to win your gorgeous fabric, sew nice, Dianne

  45. Oh I would love to win your beautiful fabric! I like my coffee black and weal so I can drink it all day. My husband used to like it strong but has given up…..great giveaway!

  46. What lovely fabric! I am a die-hard coffee drinker. My grandparents served coffee to my mother’s dog:) My favorite is Community Coffee from Louisiana. I love lattes. I have a white coffee pot like the one in your photo. I inherited it from my grandfather. Thanks for reminding me of these wonderful memories! Merry Christmas!

  47. What cool fabric! I like my coffee with sugar and flavored creamer! This would make some awesome mug rugs, coaster or table runners. Thanks for a chance to win! 🙂

  48. Oh I must have my cuppa first thing in the morning. I always use 1 Tablespoon of Italian Creme. I’m always disappointed in restaurant’s coffee as I sooo prefer our home brew with my favorite creme. For the holidays I like peppermint mocha.

  49. Oh I just love your fabric! And I love coffee! I usually just drink it black. As long as it’s hot and black I’m not picky at all. Lately, though, I’ve been making mock mochas. I use a huge mug, put in an envelope of hot cocoa mix, fill it 3/4 full with coffee and top it off with milk. Yummy yum! Thanks for the chance!

  50. I love the smell of coffee; but, I can’t stand the taste. 😦 I have a friend would die to get her hands on this! She’s a coffee junkie! 😀 I’d give this to her if I win. Thank you for the chance. 🙂

  51. Our family was influenced by my Finnish Mother-in-law. We drank coffee every afternoon. When I saw this fabric, I was taken back. How I would love to make something pretty for out table with it and then brew a good cup of coffee to share with them. Thanks for the wonderful give away – even if I don’t win.

  52. Beautiful fabrics! thanks for the chance to win. I like to drink coffee several times a day, but the doctor only allows me two cups.,sooo I drink my coffee with a little coffee, lots of water and a little cream. It gets me through the day.

  53. I prefer tea, with honey and sugar! My husband gets grossed out and says I kill the tea flavor. But it’s so yummy with ots of sugar 😉 thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  54. I don’t drink coffee and I just kicked the soda habit, so I’m caffeine free 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    kelly (at) mysimplewalk (dot) com

  55. The coffee fabric is so fun- I am not a coffee drinker but I have family that loves coffee. Thanks for the chance to win such a nice prize.
    Regards from Western Canada,

  56. I drink to much coffee, love all kinds of fabric and have a perfect table runner in mind for this fabric

  57. That is gorgeous fabric. Just looking at it I can imagine that beautiful aroma of my first cup of coffee of a morning. I like it quite strong and black, but no sugar.
    Thank you for offering this giveaway.

  58. My choice of beverage hands down is Coffee. Black, no cream, no sugar, Morning, noon and night. What a wonderful line of fabric.

  59. How about ground cofee – in an electric cofee maker. I like the smell of coffee in the moning. Just smells so good. Of course, my cup of cofee would look, so good on a new mug rug. How’s that? Just going with the flow. I hope you meet a lot of new friends that will keep your blog hopping. I live in Sonora, CA and I am having a lot of fun.

    Merry Christmas

    Sandi T.

  60. I love that fabric. I’ve made a few mug rugs out of it. I’ve never seen the cup, however. I would love to win this prize. Thank you for participating in the blog hop. I’m meeting so many like-minded crafters.

  61. I am a tea drinker, mostly Ice tea.. but my step daughter is a coffee girl and this would make a perfect quilt for her… we stop at Starbucks before heading to visit her and all we have to do is tell them we want Jenny’s coffee and they make it, pretty bad when the coffee shop knows who you are and what you drink just by your name… so cute

  62. The rest of my family loves coffee but I’m a dedicated tea drinker and how I take it depends on the type of tea. I love my Breakfast tea with milk and sugar (and sometimes a cookie). Thank you for the lovely giveaway.

  63. Usually I like my coffee with sugar and a flavored cream. Right now I’m into Gingerbread Latte and Pumpkin Spice flavors. Today I splurged ($5.00) for a Creme Brulee coffee at Starbucks and it was really good but I do prefer to make my own at home.

  64. Although I am not a coffee drinker, my husband really is. He has his own cappiacino maker. this is a wonderful collection of fabrics!

  65. Hi, I like my coffee strong with cream and sugar. I like the fabric also. Thank you for this giveaway and Happy Holiday to You and Yours.

  66. I like my coffee with just a hit of cream and a packet of Equal. Thanks for the eye-opening java giveaway. I love the way the polka dots coordinate!

  67. Oh that is some wonderful fabric. I really like my coffee with cream and just a tiny bit of sugar. But as I get older I can’t tolerate the cream, so I use skim milk instead and a little bit more sugar. Morning coffee, what a great way to start the day!!

  68. I love your fabric and would love to use it in a new project! I love my coffee black 🙂 Thank you for the chance to win!

  69. I can’t function without my coffee first thing in the morning!! In one of my many favorite mugs with a touch of creme brulee creamer and half and half and piping hot.

    BTW, I love the new fabric line. I’ve just started making mug rugs and am eager to make more!!! I seem to manage smaller sewing projects a little better than the larger ones these days.

    Have a fabulous day!

  70. I have my first cup of coffee of the day before my eyes are open, but, this am. they really popped when I saw that wonderful fabric. Thanks for offering it to one of us. Hope it is me.

  71. I like my hubby’s coffee – who makes it first thing after he gets up – with a little half ‘n half and some sweetener. Great giveaway – thanks!

  72. I love your fabric and would love to use it in a new project! I love my coffee black . Thanks for the great giveaway

  73. How do I like my coffee? On fabric – I don’t really drink coffee – and have never tasted it – except – for this
    My 93 year old friend – Mertis – made for us some frozen coffee – vanilla and white fluff on top.
    Now that’s how you drink coffee 🙂
    Cathy Byrd

  74. I don’t care for cofee, but my hubby loves it. I love hot chocolate and my favorite way to have it is to make it good and hot, stir it with a peppermint stick or candy cane and add frozen miniature marshmallows to it.
    Thanks so much for your generosity.

  75. I LOOOOOOVE my morning cooooofffeeeeeeeee … I like it best the old-fashioned way, in a Percolator. Even when camping with my horses, I time my mornings before my rides so that I can have a good cup of percolated brew. In fact, enjoying a cup now as I type and blog-hop! Thank you for a chance to win!

  76. How don’t I like my coffee might be a better question! LOL!!! I love mine strong with a bit of sugar and cream to mellow it out. And a short latte is always a good treat.

  77. I really really like my coffee. It is a running joke in my family and my husband will even go out in a strange town and pick me up a cup of joe. This fabric looks like so much fun! Thanks for the chance to win some…

  78. I’m a real coffee drinker, I like it many ways! In the morning, brewed and with cream. In the afternoon, a powdered esspresso with or without cream. At my mother’s house, black the way she serves it. And at my late FIL’s summer house, poured cold from a cola bottle or thermos that he saved in the root cellar for about a week. I never would have drunk it that way otherwise, but in the company, it really was divine. ( I think his was percolated…)

    Lovely giveawy and just fantastic imagery. I really like those diner style coffee cups on the hooks!

  79. Those mugs are so cute, as is the fabric. I’m usually a tea drinker, but I will drink coffee with a large amount of everything else in it…white chocolate peppermint mochas are the best. As are pumpkin and eggnog ones. I like fall/winter coffee season. Thanks for the giveaway!

  80. Your fabric is screaming my name to come and partake! hehehehe My kids bought me a china tea cup and saucer for my 59th birthday. It’s beautiful. I actually like to sip from it as I gaze out my front window to see what’s going on out in the world. :0) We have a slight possibility for a white Christmas in Fort Wayne, IN.

  81. I get all my caffeine from Coke Zero, but I love the smell of coffee (does that count??). I love the rich colors of the fabric – it would be so fun to find the perfect project for them! Thanks for hosting the great giveaway!

  82. I love iced coffee, coffee ice cream and the smell of coffee. Somehow I can’t drink hot coffee, it doesn’t appeal to me. Your new fabric line is beautiful. Thanks for the giveaway. ;->

  83. My husband drinks a pot of coffee every day, and for him, the stronger the better. But the only way I like it is all doctored up from Starbucks – as in a latte, which I only indulge in about twice a year.

  84. Some would say I’m not a purist because I like half and half and 2 packets of splenda. We have a Keurig and are in love with it!! Only problem is I went from being a one cup of coffee a day person to a three cup a day drinker because of all the lovely flavors they have….yum!!

  85. I like my coffee to be Hazelnut, not strong , with sugar and Nestle’ Quik, and some Almond Delight vanilla milk. Can you tell I am not a coffee lover.

  86. Your fabric is awesome!! Perfect for a mug rug!
    I like regular coffee, french press brewed, with stevia and plain almond milk. I wish I could drink it with all those fru-fru fancy shmancy creamers, I kind of miss those.
    Merry Christmas!

  87. I have been thinking about making some mug rugs. up until just recently we were inveterate tea drinkers but our circumstances changed and we have been converted to coffee and are enjoying our daily grind. I have heard of and seen your fabric about and would certainly be glad of the opportunity to sample a little, thank-you and I hope you and your family enjoy a blessed Christmas.

  88. I like my coffee strong and black. I also drink green and herbal teas and binge on chocolatey sweets (dark chocolate is healthy for you, right?). Thanks for the chance to win – these would look great in decorating out kitchen which definitely needs some help (towels, curtains, etc).

  89. I drink my coffee black, in a big glass mug from the local Second Cup. I usually go for Colombian, but anything strong that isn’t from Starbucks or Tim Hortons will do 🙂

  90. Well I don’t drink coffee but I put on a pot every morning for my hubby… and my sister doesn’t function until she has had 3 cups of a morning! If I won, I would make her some place mats or chair cushions for her kitchen!

  91. I love coffee. I make two pots a day. I prefer a vanilla creamer or whole milk and no sugar added. I have a Braun coffee maker and hope it lasts forever as they stopped making them.

  92. no….not a coffee drinker at all and neither is my husband. That’s good! But I have friends who are coffee addicts; i’d love to win for them!

  93. I love coffee, but can’t have the caffeine, but have at least one daily big mug of decaf with Coffeemate Hazelnut or Vanilla Creme creamer (fat free is great). My daughter loves it too. My grandmother always drank hers black & boiling hot! I do like Baileys Irish Creme in coffee once in a great while during the holidays at home.
    I adore your coffee bean fabric. I had seen some a few years ago, but neglected to get it until it was gone. I love the cups too. Best for mug rugs I can think of. This is my plan for next years friends gifting- mug rug & coffee or tea package. I will be able to spread the cheer farther, since they will be quick to make.
    Found a shop only 30 minutes away that carries your fabric, yay!

  94. I won one small piece of coffee fabric that needs some companions. I love those mugs. I am a coffee drinker….we make flavored coffee at home and still enjoy morning coffee at one of several Mom and Pop restaurants. I am not a real fan of strong coffee, so most coffee houses don’t interest me. Would love to win as I like your fabric.

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