Surprising Subjects

These photos taken at my daughter’s last evening, show off her husband’s latest handiwork/project and the family’s newest additions. I’m thinking, cute coop and new subjects! And EGGS, of course.

Chickens/hens were among the first images I created after being introduced into art licensing several years ago. Although intending to, I never got around to further exploration of the popular poultry since. This offers the perfect time and opportunity to re-visit this fun feathery focus.


3 thoughts on “Surprising Subjects

  1. How fun is that! And nice fresh eggs will be sooooo good. I bet you’ll come up with some really great art from this inspiration. We’ll be watching for it!

  2. Janet, this is a riot! I love it! Dad would have been amused and interested, like always. We know what Mom would have thought…ha ha ha.
    Love, Your Sister

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