Looking Ahead

Still too many irons in the fire it seems. That fact becomes especially apparent when finishing up a collection. There are always a number of loose ends to tie up and always a big mess (mine) to straighten up.

A new hutch made the job more fun.

A short deadline (on a new collection) offers the incentive.

So, for the last few days it was time to clear the decks . . . and get sketching.

Regain control, focus and look ahead to what is next.

And put to bed another line, one closer to my heart than most. You can look for “Sewing Seeds” fabric collection, in the Spring, mid May release.


7 thoughts on “Looking Ahead

  1. Oh Janet it is so good to come by and see that you are still working and going to start some new sketches. I imagine they will be just as wonderful as all of your art is. Now to see your pretty workplace and where you must spend so much time gives me more of a sense of you 🙂
    I will be thinking of you sitting here sketching your heart out!!!
    sending hugs…

  2. Hi Janet,
    thanks for visiting my blog! Yes, I feel really refreshed now that I have given myself time to play. I love seeing these pictures of your studio! I am dreaming of a new studio-mine is so cramped and untidy!

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