Coming Up for Air

Yikes, a friend recently pointed out that I hadn’t updated the Joy Studio since Valentines Day! I’ve had my nose down, diligently painting and designing, mostly. Having plenty of work is good so, no complaints here. Juggling two new fabric collections back to back, with new and established group follow ups, has been a bit tricky though. And busy . . . also good.

We did manage however, to take a week for some fun & fantasy with the fam in Florida. Disney and Universal Studios provided lots of artful inspiration (& some sun) in the process. It was a great get-away, although a fading (cherished) memory I’m afraid, along with my tan. 😉

3 thoughts on “Coming Up for Air

  1. Hi Janet! Your teapot art is lovely. Seeing your palette in the background reminded me…you made mention once that you have a simple way of setting up your palette for painting. Is that something you’d consider posting sometime? Everyone seems to set them up to their personal preference, but no matter, I find it interesting to see how other people work. Thanks!

  2. Well, you’re allowed! LOL! It’s nice to see you come up for air though! Hope spring has made its way to your home MINUS the bad weather that has been all around your area.

    XO Diane

  3. So glad you got away and enjoyed the fantasy of Disney…its always magical to us and lots of wonderful memories that we cherish…glad your back!! hugs

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