Hydrangea Highlight

Summer is heating up – mid 90s, all week!

The Hydrangea bushes love it. Me, not so much.Plans to sketch more of the pretty blossoms is on the schedule.

Work to be done from cut subjects in the cool of the studio, naturally.

6 thoughts on “Hydrangea Highlight

  1. What is it that people do to them that causes the blooms to turn blue?
    These are beautiful, have never planted any but may try them next year.

  2. Ronnie – I enjoy the blue blossoms best. Changing the pink to blue requires adding aluminum to the soil. One simple way is to stick a few rusty nails in the ground around the bush.

  3. Your blooms are lovely! Mine are in a more shady spot and are just beginning to come out. They’re a more mauve color rather than pink.

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