So Much Life

The ‘so much life’ I mention in the last post was certainly felt the second week of our mini art camp. Besides Independence Day falling smack dab in the middle, I began the week by stepping on a sliver of glass going for my first cup of coffee Monday morning. Unable to retrieve it on my own after soaking and searching with magnifiers, I bandaged and hobbled through the best I could.

The second surprise was a phone call from my aunt Lois who was just in from Texas. Although aware of her trip, she phoned to let me know that she had decided on this visit, to bring my grandmothers photos, collected over at least three lifetimes! This, at my periodical requests to document (some day) the rarely seen (Tuesday’s) treasures, with hi res scans (on my equipment) and hopefully gather the accompanying family stories/history. How could I pass on this opportunity, right? Naturally, I could not . . .

Making time for everything was more than challenging but recognizing the rewards in all, I wore myself out trying to keep up. Did I mention, all took place during a period of record breaking heat and drought not felt in Missouri since the dust bowl years? Ten days straight, over one hundred degrees. Whew, brutal!

After most of the work was complete and a major clean up, I saw a podiatrist the following Monday. He successfully removed the obstacle of the pain in my foot. Ah, relief. Staying off my feet for a few days . . . doctor’s orders! ;-D

5 thoughts on “So Much Life

  1. It’s very cool to have all these treasured memories of your family’s history. I too did this when Loretta turned 80. I scanned and re-did mom and dad’s wedding album, placing each photo exactly where it was in the original album. I bought a beautiful Creative Memories album, and worked for weeks on scanning, journaling and re-doing. Included in her new album was also photos of “our” family. The 8 of us kids each did a page, writing mom a letter of appreciation and adding baby photos, and memories or our child hood. It’s the coolest book, and someday it will be something I’ll treasure for my lifetime.

    With this new digital world, we sometime lose site of paper photos, and if you think about it, wouldn’t you rather leave your legacy in a “real” photo album, and not on a hard drive or jump drive for your kids? So making the TIME to sort through your old photos, was probably really time consuming, but the rewards of having this treasure to pass on is “Priceless” Glad you had this opportunity Janet!

  2. You are probably lucky you had not developed an infection by that time…
    Of course, us barefoot people take that kind of injury for granted and expected!

  3. How awesome for you to have had the opportunity to visit with your Aunt and take a walk down memory lane with her!
    glad to hear that your foot is healing now the sliver is gone~

  4. what a lovely idea of sharing all the precious moments of a lifetime with her…so glad you had the opportunity to do so…we had terrible heat also in Tn…hope your foot is healing and you get to enjoy the photos more since you are off your feet…have a great time reminiscing??? vickie maddox

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