Hiking Highlights

Home just over a week, reviewing vacation photos and realized I already forgot how much fun we had. Sharing one more trip (one I highly recommend to EVERYONE!) post on our hiking days in the Teton area outside Jackson, Wyoming. I’ll try to capture the (extremely worthwhile) experience in a nut shell:Again an early breakfast (for energy & fun) in the “Chuck Wagon” teepee (just outside the park gates) in Moose, WY. This is also where we spotted our only moose. A boat ride across the Lake (Jenny) saves some hiking energy.Hiked three miles, straight up the first day. This was as high as we got. Yikes!The second day, a five mile hike featuring two lakes was not such a climb however, equally as breathtaking.Enjoyed an early fall among the aspen groves with cool, crisp temps. Nice after such a long hot & dry summer.

And . . . gathered lots of photos inspiring a brand new collection!

Make time (if possible) to visit this awe inspiring area, it’s well worth the trip.


2 thoughts on “Hiking Highlights

  1. Ahhhh…… thanks for the mini-vacation. Reminds me that similar places are just a short drive from where I live, if I would just take a little time.

    BTW, I saw your “Animals” in the LQS.

  2. You and I love the same kind of things… so great to get outdoors and then come inside with the inspiration for more art. Loved your post!

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