Market Mayhem

A Welcome site – Just returned from Quilt Market Wednesday, Halloween, and in plenty of time for tricks and treats. Although the event was fun filled, inspiring and informative, our homecoming from this trip, was especially appreciated. Only two (of the thirteen) hours out of Houston, three deer dashed onto the (75 mph zone) interstate, right in front of us without warning. With no time to react, we struck one of the deer head on. The impact was traumatic. Fortunately however, we stayed upright, on the road and were able to pull off to the safety of the shoulder where we tried to settle nerves.

Looks like I caught a glimpse of our guardian angel’s wing in this photo:

I also think . . . we are finished with road trips for 2012.The lighter side of our quilt market experience can be seen at

Tidings of Great Joy, LLC on Facebook.


3 thoughts on “Market Mayhem

  1. So glad you’re guardian angel kept you safe! Was the car totaled? Deer are such massive animals; and can inflict such damage.
    Praying you have no lasting after effects of the accident~

  2. We have lots of deer here where I live, and I don’t think they have much for brains. Just hormones, or adrenaline. Sorry the vehicle is damaged; glad that you are alright.

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