Snowmen Sketch Share

Working so far ahead for fabric and other product collections, release dates do not always allow an opportunity to share the work while in progress. In the coming weeks/months, I hope to incorporate some just for fun projects into my schedule that would provide an opportunity to show personal techniques and new ones I want to try, as well.Our “Bakers Dozen” fabric collection is available in quilt shops now so, I thought I would post a few sketches done around this time, last year. You may remember my June 8th post when the fabrics were delivered to me. I confess – I was eager to show this beautiful batch of goods & goodies from Quilting Treasures.

2 thoughts on “Snowmen Sketch Share

  1. My Mom was a pastry chef, specializing in Austrian and German pastry. She was famous for her liebkuchen (German gingerbread cookies) and her gingerbread houses – which we all learned to make as well. She passed away 2 years ago and last year I took up the torch, sending my family the house pieces to make their houses. I included table runners using your Cookie Cutter fabric. This year they’ll get aprons with these adorable bakers on them.

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