Two Weeks!

Comfort&JoyYikes, only two weeks until Christmas? What a relief this morning, to be able and take my list straight to the computer and begin clicking away. Now, on to a couple more projects. the wrapping, lots of wrapping, Christmas cards and oh yes, the cookies. Whew!JoyStudioWrapJoyStudioWrap2Oh what joy it is . . .

2 thoughts on “Two Weeks!

  1. I was hoping you might post this for us…asyou have a larger audiance then I alone ….Quilts are being gathered for Newtown CT….Newtown ECC Dispatch Supervisor 3 Main Street Newtown CT 06470 Make mention of 911 CARES so they know you are part of our “family of support” Share this post and PLEASE respect their request for no phone calls for a few days until things quiet down a bit.
    **I know it is Christmas and the holiday season, but I am going to say right out of the gate we need to get at least 150 quilts to the victims families, teachers, police officers and yes, communications department. please help us now it christmas 🙂 think of your family**

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