New Addition

Whoa! Speaking of catching up, just before Christmas I made a major studio purchase that I hope will speed up production significantly. Although first, I needed to make room,MakingRoomexperience a little intimidation setting up, NewNewWacomNewWacomInstructionsfind the best (spot) home,NewToolsSetUpB copyNewToolJoyStudioand begin to play. NewToolsScape2

I was told it will be a little bit of a learning curve but then . .  . smooth sailing? Hoping so.

Taking a block break during this process & finishing up on a new fun collection.


5 thoughts on “New Addition

  1. I have to smile when I see the Speedball book. I have a copy floating around in some dim and dusty corner too.

  2. love the face you use mason jars to hold you bits…. my sewing room is the same way a whole shelf just of jars….

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