Chirp, Chirp, Croooak

WoodsyLgPnlPrntOut copySpring International Quilt Market is just around the corner and so is the “Woodsy Wonders,” fabric delivery – Soon to your local quilt shop.

At Market – Our Bugsy Wugsy quilt (below) will be featured in the Quilting Treasure’s booth #1216 – 1217 in Portland, May 17, 18 & 19 – Instructions available with fabric availability on the QT siteWoodsyWondersQuilt©jwf

Fun fabric (quilt label) tags are included on the book panel.WoodsyWondersTags©jwfWoodsyWonderFabric©jwf

Frogs, bugs & birds, who can resist?



7 thoughts on “Chirp, Chirp, Croooak

  1. Looks wonderful! I will try my best to take photos. I know you need to see the booth.

  2. More awesome creations from you. I just love them. I’m not a quilter, just a huge fan of your work.

  3. OHHH love this too Janet…

    When my boys were wee tots..they used to scare me with their collections of bugs…

    I used to sing them this song.

    bugs bugs bugs
    if I had them all in jugs
    I would dig dig dig
    till a big hole was dug
    and that would be the end
    of our bugs song…

    guess you had to be a boy to find it funny lol

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