Summer School

Starting off the summer with a new on line art class! Seamed a good time to push past comfort zones, stretch and let go of my very controlled, & tight style. So, I’ll be taking aim at the three L’s, lighten up, loosen up & learn.

Class starts Monday! LillaRogersSchool©jwf


5 thoughts on “Summer School

    1. I am eager to hear about it. I checked out Lilla’s site and tho I cannot afford the classes, ( someday!), I am applying for the contest! Thanks for being an inspiration! I prolly won’t win with all the talent that will enter, but it is an exercise in the right direction!

      1. Yes Rita, an exercise(s) in the right direction, I agree. I’ll post more as time allows. We are in week three and I believe I may be trying to keep one (or two) too many balls in the air at present. Juggling the class with work (on a new fabric line), vacations, home, etc. Oh my!

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