Continuing Education

Wow! So far, our summer has been completely booked, in fact, over booked. June has already included one college tour (with Natalie), a new summer intern, a five week on line art class, an all day WordPress class, with one to go this Friday, two long distance family visits, two birthdays and a partridge in a pear tree. Not to mention our fall fabric line development, is still underway. Yikes! All enjoyable however, what was I thinking. SLUTourSharing today, a few images from week three of the on line class – Children’s book illustration. This one was right up my alley however, I’m finding that one week per assignment is challenging while balancing with all other work commitments.  SnailandRoseProcess©jwfSnailsPace©jwfI plan to develop (& tweak) this snail character further when time allows, although this was the way the assignment appeared as submitted.J_Wecker_Frisch©_SnailandRoseTreeB_1A_Wk3Also sharing/introducing our lovely and very talented artist intern, Faith.ArtStudentIntern


3 thoughts on “Continuing Education

  1. Can’t wait to see they final book! Hope all goes well, and you have some time to sit back and relax this summer, as well!

  2. Love the snail! What a fun image. Your work is always such a delight to see! Thanks for sharing.

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