Favorite Summer Pick

Blackberries©jwfWe’re having a difficult time catching up with ourselves this summer due to a heavier than normal schedule. That’s why it was especially nice last week to take time out for some pure peaceful picking. Blackberry picking that is!Stainedfingers

My daughter found a quaint berry picking farm, Huckleberry Hollow, earlier this year, just thirty to forty minutes from us. It was a perfect morning, unseasonably cool and almost no other pickers. Although there were far more red berries than black, we still picked over 10 quarts of ripe berries. HHOfficeHHBlkBerryBushHHBlkBerryBush2

I washed and froze all of mine and look forward to blackberry cobbler, my favorite, this fall. Yum!HHBlackberries


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  1. Berry delicious, cobblers, speaking of cobblers I baked plum today or rather yesterday now… e will have it for breakfast with our fav brew, join us anytime lol

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