Best BLT

JoyStudioBLTsDThe homegrown tomatoes are finally ripe, which means, time for BLT’s! Everyone’s favorite summertime sandwich, right? On the new deck too, by the way. What made these taste even better . . .  we used Whole Food’s Seeduction bread. A present from my friend, thank you Annie.JoyStudioBLTsJoyStudioBLTsCLoaded with seeds, nuts and whole grains, a very yummy loaf!JoyStudioBLTsA5SonnyBoy

3 thoughts on “Best BLT

  1. Ahhhh sunny riped tomatoes, one of my fav’s great photos, when I saw the fabric in the corner..I smiled, I was going to send this to you, whne I realized this was your post lol

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