Stage is Sew Set

DrawNearBooth5LoOpening day tomorrow! International Quilt Market in Houston – Oct. 26 – 29

And the “Draw Near” fabric collection, is ready for business! Quilting Treasures Booth 2152 – 53DrawNearBoothTitleDrawNear4LWMOnly a couple hundred more ribbons to tie!DrawNearBooth3LWM

Shops – Don’t forget to come by the booth for your free embroider (GWP) gift card!HiltonMarketPrepfor more on Handmaids


4 thoughts on “Stage is Sew Set

  1. I knew it I knew it lol a redhead…. btw it looks great , love the set up…your “art” is gorgeous

  2. Great looking display. I love the frames. And of course the art work (fabric) is exceptional! I predict its your best selling line so far!

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