Repeat Embroidery Performance

Thank you everyone for your interest in the “She Who Sews” machine embroidery design on our Handmaids Facebook page last week. Due to your response, we thought a repeat Giveaway performance offer, this time on the Joy Studio blog, was in order. So, before this design is offered for (a limited first edition) sale on the sixteenth, here is another chance to win the Quilt Market show special,

Free Embroidery Gift Card.FBGiveaway

Simply Comment:

Here, on this blog post and share (appreciated) this offer on Facebook, if you have an account. Comments should reflect what creative content of your choice, any medium, would you like to see or learn more about. We will again be offering ten cards to ten different winners (this time) from the comments you post here, below, on the Joy Studio blog.

Announcing 10 winners on Nov. 15SWSEmbroiderySite

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58 thoughts on “Repeat Embroidery Performance

  1. I love the vibe you have going here! This is such a winning combination of color, words, and attitude in the subject.

    The only suggestion I have is to keep it up. Maybe add some suggestions for ways to use it in unusual ways- to embroider a cuff or collar (which need not be attached to a garment), to make a journal cover, or other unusual things that might have a slightly steampunk hint.

    This is just FANTASTIC! Wishing you more success than you can imagine!

  2. Love your ideas they are fresh and modern.
    A fabric line and embroidery to match as well as items. Pincushions etc.

  3. I love the vintage sewing ladies. coordinating fabric and embroidery will make beautiful projects to give as gifts to my sewing friends.

  4. I love the concept of animating our sewing machine and notions. Women have always loved to name their machines!

  5. I also love your designs, the one above is me to the tee. I would also like to see suggestions on different ways to use it. Keep up the good work.

  6. It’s so hard to say as I think they would look beautiful anywhere. I would love to see them as wall art or ceramics.

  7. I think your designs are cute and modern and with fabric to go with it -doesn’t get much better.

  8. I love your sewing ladies! Very Steam punkish looking. Patterns to use your fabric line in a sewing apron and accessories to travel with! Oh, a tote bag would be great!

  9. I hope one of the local quilt shops will be offering this line of fabrics & paper goods. They are all what I say “Gotta Have”!

  10. I absolutely love your designs. I am looking forward to being able to get both your fabric and embroidery designs.

  11. I am an older sewer that loves embroidery. The Handmaidens are so darling and I would love the chance to use the new embroidery.

  12. I went to Pins and Needles in Middleburg Heights, Ohio to look for the fabric today. They don’t have it in yet. I would love to have this embroidery design but I am not sure that I completely understand all of the requirements to win one. I want to use it in the center of a pillow surrounded but a piano key border of the coordinating fabrics.

  13. I love these designs in both fabric and embroidery! I’ve been waiting for months to finally get some fabric as well as embroidery designs. I’m planning to make tote bags/purses for starters and then, who knows?

  14. I have all your fabric lines because I have loved the quality of all your artwork made into fabrics. I really LOVE the line Hand Maids, I would love to win the card that would be terrific. I will be traveling to Mass. so I hope they have your handmaid fabrics in but if not of course I will need to have them, it is an addiction but a GOOD one! Your work is my favorite on fabric and now embroidery!

  15. How fun! Love, love, She Who Sews! Beautiful design and how exciting that there is fabric, embroidery, art and paper products as well. Detail and attitude is amazing! Can’t wait to get some fabric to start me off. I embroider and am excited that you have designs that go with your fabric. I’d love a tote for class with a Handmaids lady as the star.

    Thank you for a super giveaway and a chance to win.


  16. I don’t think I have ever been so excited about a new line of fabric. Your art work is simply outstanding on everything you create. The She who Sews line is absolutely extraordinary. I am a quilter who also love embroidery. I would love the opportunity to embroider your designs on a quilt, a pillow and on a bag that I can carry everywhere I go.

  17. Wow! Love your artwork! I got a sneak peak of the new fabric line at Quilt Market and can’t wait to get them in the store. The embroidery is a nice addition. Should be fun to work with!

  18. Wow! Totally cute! While I think the word vintage is often overplayed part of this does resonate vintage to me. I’d love to see some finished ITH bags or accessories!

  19. This line Is entirely new to me, but as a sewing instructer i am already cranking out mental images of potential class projects using your fabrics and designs. Can’t wait to see the entire collection

  20. I would just like any ideas on how you would use this fabric. The embroidery is easier to see done up on home decor items.

  21. I would love to find this fabric somewhere. I think it would be awesome for the curtains in my sewing room. I would like to see lots of vintage style embroidery designs to go with this.

  22. Tried to leave a comment earlier. I LOVE the young fun look of these girls. And they even sew. I hope this image can dispel the one of old ladies in rocking chairs sewing! Great job….how about purses or scarves with embroidery as the star and these fabrics as edging.

  23. This is something I wish I could dream up the designs could be used in a soft top to promote the incredible art of quilt making

  24. I would love to find this fabric somehow, somewhere (I live in a very rural place in Texas) and use it to decorate my sewing room…It’s too cute!!

  25. Yes…it begs to be used in sewing rooms everywhere! An ageless design and I would love to be able to use it in a artsy way in my sewing studio. A modern sewing studio calls for a very special oversized panel that could be set into a quilt or even just wrapped and decoupage onto a canvas as a piece of hanging art. Maybe you should just sell prints! Just let us know how and where to buy!

  26. I just discovered your website today. After looking around, I must admit that I really like your “handmaid” designs!

  27. THANK YOU ALL! For so many great creative comments on the Handmaids™ “She Who Sews” embroidery giveaway post. I sincerely appreciate your visit and sharing your ideas and kind words. We will be picking our ten embroidery winners this afternoon at 3:00 central so, there is still a little time to share this on FB and have a friend post a comment. Looking forward to more creative sharing and GIVEAWAY offers!

  28. I have got to find this fabric so I can buy some. Really would like to make the curtains for my sewing room from it and I can put the fabric I’ve already bought for them in my stash.

  29. This embroidery fabric are very edgy and new. the design would make a great art journal cover!!

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