CPD #2

JanFMQPost2In the last few quiet moments here, before hammers fly for the renovate, I wanted to share a few images from the second Create Play Date/weekend. We worked with the She Who Sews fabric from Quilting Treasures in anticipation of next week’s sewing room blog hop and also January’s, free motion quilting, post card group, FMQ on Facebook.

Saturday was spent again, at my dear friend’s, Annie Regal, sew studio where we collaborated on two puffy pillow tops. It was quite wonderful. Complete with lunch, coffee, crackling fire and a gentle snow falling visibly from the cozy new work space. The creative play dates have been often discussed and long awaited so, we are both very grateful to be able to share the opportunity to create together. She did all of the sewing, btw.

CPD2B HandmaidsPuffyPaperdolls

Second location took place at my daughters home where she and granddaughter Sydney, graciously re-acquainted me with my own sewing machine. Last summer they took advantage of some basic machine sewing lessons so were able to refresh my memory regarding the machine use. Confession, I have not sewn in over 25 years and I had limited knowledge even then. After designing fabric however, for over ten years, I plan to change that. So, below is my first attempt at a quilted post card using my Seam Stress(ed) Handmaid, which I could identify with, while stitching her up into a usable post card.FMQPost3SheWhoSewsJWF

Sending her off to the recipient today. Over all, a very fun create plate date weekend.JanFMQPost

All of the finished projects will be posted here next week, January 27th where the

Sewing Studio Blog Hop will begin.


16 thoughts on “CPD #2

  1. I am entranced by your fabric designs, they make me smile and make yet another quilt. Although, I have to say that if I was lucky enough to make a quilt from your darling fabric, it would be mine to keep!! Glad you had a nice day of creativity, those are the best!!

  2. Your fabric designs are so beautiful and I am enjoying working with them, it is hard to believe it has been that long since you sewed!

  3. What a fun line of fabric. And while I absolutely love the machine embroider design that goes with it I’m certainly looking forward to more machine embroidery designs for this gorgeous collection. I see so many creative opportunities and I’m sure others will come up with many wonderful ideas too. This is definitely an innovative new line.


  4. This is fantastic! So glad I stopped by! Love what you are doing these days! I too did not sew much until the desire hit me strongly when I started designing fabric. This is such a fun line!

  5. Very nice job. My grand daughter would just love that doll dress. It seems I just had to start making doll clothes. Just finished one last week. Thanks for sharing.

  6. What fun to see all the projects you and your collaborators have come up with. Wonderful way to showcase the yummy fabric. I love how the red floral piece pops against the black and white/cream of the prints!

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