CPD #3

Creative Play Date #3

Stolen moments over the weekend allowed for a teensy bit of creative play time, but not much. A major renovation that our home is undergoing currently, requires most of my focus and energy. We are four weeks in . . . and that is without a kitchen sink. 😦

My (creating) heart however, has been set on new projects for the Handmaids™ series of fabric collections. Especially after visiting & viewing all of the beautiful projects that were presented for the She Who Sews Blog Hop. And thankfully, many of yours too, perhaps.

So, first in order was prepping & packing the giveaway prizes!SWSFQGiveaway8

Fat quarter cutting early Saturday with Jac and Syd.SWSFQGiveaway5

Then, my good buddy Annie and I examined the She Who Sews fabrics from Quilting Treasures, for two small quilts that she will be playing with & piecing.

We also discussed:

• Future GIVEAWAYS! The consideration is, one a month to get things rolling.

Beginning mid March.

• And while She Who Sews fabric is available, we were wondering how many quilting, sewing & collage artist bloggers might be interested in participating in another Handmaids™ Hop.

Or for any & all quilters, sewers & collage artists to simply showcase your She Who Sews works in one of our albums. Please leave us a comment to let us know your interest in either.

Or contact at:

email info: Tidings of Great Joy, LLC


Lastly for me, who is still getting my sewing sea legs, a February post card for a Facebook group & finishing up the second canvas wrap. BTW – I thought it was interesting to learn that one of the giveaway prizes is going just across town to Ferguson, & one to France!

. . . And the post card is off to Switzerland!


28 thoughts on “CPD #3

  1. Rosemary B here:
    I would love to win a stack of these!
    Your fabrics are fun and adorable. Love the flowers, and the yellow!
    Thanks for sharing your creativity and inspiring the exhausted 🙂

  2. I’m so in love with this line of fabric! I’ve enjoyed playing with it and my pincushion, rocking chair with the Shop Stand maid sits next to my sewing machine and puts a smile on my face 🙂 I’m also hoarding your Tidings of Great Joy Sunflowers to make a quilt. I just can’t bring myself to cut the fabric 🙂

    1. Oh my goodness Karen, I feel the same way. And you’re rocking chair thread caddy projects sent me straight to ebay as well. Your post about these darling little rocking chairs and the story you uncovered has inspired me to do something with them, not sure what yet. A She Who Rocks GIVEAWAY? Thanks again.

  3. The more I see these fabrics the more I love them. Can’t wait for them to arrive in my post box 🙂 Linda x

  4. I am totally in love with the She Who Sews fabric line. I have seen other handmaids fabrics, too, and they are also very cool. I think they are all quite marvelous though my heart is with sewing!!!

  5. I totally in love with line of fabric too! I have more projects planned with this fabric for my sewing room.

  6. I love this fabric too. I have more leftover from the blog hop at Sew We Quilt.I am going to wip up a small quilt. I haven´t seen the fabric in Sweden, so I have to buy from internet shops in US.

  7. This fabric is wonderful! I’ve never done a blog hop, so it should be fun. What are the rules/requirements?

  8. Looks like the time is off. I just posted my response, and it says it is 6:55 pm, while it is only 2:55 pm here in West Michigan! Anyway, I love ALL you stuff!!

  9. Your “She Who Sews” fabric was love at first sight for me. I have followed all of Madamm Samm’s “She Who Sews” hop and have lots of inspiration. Now to get my sewing machine repaired and then create some things for me and my sewing room. I will follow everything “She Who Sews” related. Thank You sew very much. Creative Stitching Bliss…

  10. I am fairly new to the blog stuff so not sure what I’m doing or am supposed to do. i do love the She Who Sews product line though and will follow along so I can learn as I go.

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