In Addition . . .

. . single machine embroidery designs in smaller hoop sizes, just posted at

Including this free download!

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4 thoughts on “In Addition . . .

  1. Writing to say thank you for the free head shot of “She Who Sews”. I had some confusion at first and thought it was a downloading problem so did it again. At first, my embroidery software couldn’t open the file but I finally figured out that the file I needed was in a different folder. Now to embroidery it out…can’t wait. I am still planning on purchasing the “Machine Maid” and will when the budget allows. Thanks again.

  2. I completed two of these and they turned out fantastic! I am going to matte them with the button fabric and then frame for my sewing room. I will send you a pic when completed. Thank you so much for the free download –

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