Draw Near Delivers


Second in the Handmaids® series is “Draw Near.” Still creative multitaskers with an emphasis on stitchery and dress making, in this collection the focus swings toward everyone’s childhood past time, coloring. No matter who you are, at one time or another, when you were very small, someone most likely stuck a crayon in your hand and you began to draw.

I did . . . and am still at it.


So, those were the memories that triggered the imagery for this line that I started at least a year ago and conceived of, long, long before that. A favorite verse found in the forth chapter of the book of James, was the inspiration. Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. The fabric delivery, is a good & needed, reminder for me.


So, vintage crayons, paint tins and turn of the century patterns are all a part of this art group which translated beautifully into fabric by Quilting Treasures. Hope you like it.


Available in quilt shops now.

8 thoughts on “Draw Near Delivers

  1. I received my shipment of this collection on Wednesday and it almost took my breath away! Every single piece in the collection is beautiful!!! The colors are rich and yet not overwhelming. You will want to dive right in and get started making all kinds of creative projects!!!!
    Janet, you have out done yourself this time for sure!!!!!! Thank you so much.
    Your forever fan,
    Julie Faircloth

  2. Rosemary B here:
    Oh my goodness. This is shockingly beautiful!
    Yes, I agree this is really exceptionally detailed and so pleasing. I want some of everything.
    I am becoming quite obsessed with your designs as well.
    It is on my list and hope to procure a stashette on Monday!
    Thanks loads for you creativity to keep us productive and happy

  3. I can’t stand it! You have outdone yourself.! I will be looking to order from somewhere online this weekend.

  4. These are so stinkin cute. I thought the last bunch would not be outdone….but I was wrong again! I love love love them!

  5. I LOVE this collection. The beautiful colors, the scripture, the art, everything about it is exquisite. Thanks Janet! Can hardly wait for the Angel Band.

  6. Oh Dear! Now I must get this Draw Near line of your fabrics too! I still buy brand new Crayola crayons each year about September Back-to-School time from my childhood many many decades ago. I am still Sew In Love with She Who Sews!! Thank you and Creative Bliss…

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