Long Forgotten Projects

Uncovering some long forgotten projects as we continue the move to the new work space. And it’s beginning to look like there may be hundreds of them, collected over time. All with good intentions to complete, of course. Anyone else relate?

JoyStudioFProject3It feels good to finally tackle this one.  Oak topped farm table.

JoyStudioFProjectJoyStudioFProject2It was covered with stubborn glue and old red marbled linoleum when we found it. Scraping, sanding and waxing the top but keeping the time worn white painted finish on the legs, apron and drawer fronts. A wonderful, naturally distressed piece.

Joy StudioTableTransfJoyStudioOfficeThe former, faithful drawing table companion, will serve as our desk in

the new Joy Studio Office.


One thought on “Long Forgotten Projects

  1. Rosemary B here:
    Janet, this is a great table. I love old stuff. tables, shelves etc.
    This is such a great find. When I find things like this, I always wish I could know the history behind it, the use, who used this table?
    Same with other clutter I find I love to know the history. Most times it is nothing special, but still,
    Your studio office is looking great!!

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