Staircase Reclaim

Another one of my bright ideas!


Again, as part of the studio shape up this summer,

we reclaimed some lumber from our home remodel that was being stored under the porch.

The former studio staircase rough is now a heavy duty work bench.

A well needed station suited for those too messy to work on inside projects was my thought.


The designer in me couldn’t resist using the stringers as a decorative apron . . .


. . with the risers as decking on top.

A couple of the treads are on each end.


A little transparent stain with a little color & voila!

Seasonally, it will serve as a potting bench. I love the results


the new work surface!

  JoyStudioStairReclaimIJoyStudioStairReclaimKJoyStudioStairReclaimJMany thanks to my hubs!

Often, I am the one who comes up with the vision,

and always the one who hangs on to scrap lumber but,

not the one who can execute!

5 thoughts on “Staircase Reclaim

  1. Oh Janet, this is nice! Boy I remember back in the day…. I used to love gardening…. I still have the gardens but I have really downsized in my efforts.
    Anyway, this is beautiful for a work bench.
    Hubbs are good for doing to hammering and lifting these days.
    back in olden times when I was 35, I built a tree house amongst the trees not in the trees, they were too high, I made it about 5 feet off the ground with a ladder and it was big of course why make small when you are making a tree house.
    My girls loved it, I painted it green and brown and put a roof on myself with left over shingles from my mom and dad’s sun room addition.
    I do not think I could do that on my own anymore. I would need some help.
    I love this work bench very much

    1. Thanks Rosemary. I did more gardening this year, maybe inspired by the bench. A tree house is still on my wish list, for myself! Again, thanks. I really like it too.

  2. What a cool project!! Makes me want to get outside….however, on this October afternoon here in Virginia, it is cool and dreary, and raining!! So, I will just keep thinking about the pretty fall days to come, make a fresh cup of hot tea, and do some hand quilting…. Thanks for the inspiration on the potting bench! I may have to think about doing something like this come spring!!

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