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“Quilting B’s” is our brand new collection from Quilting Treasures. It is presenting this weekend May 20 – 22 at the International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah to the trade. The star for this group is the letter B of course. So, bees, birds, butterflies, blossoms, babydoll dresses, babies in bathtubs and birthday cakes! And a bit of inspiration, from the Beatitudes.



Behind however, is the B word that comes to my mind. As in, 2016 is kicking our behinds and running behind has been the constant theme this year. It doesn’t happen often but I missed posting on the blog for April altogether. And we still have not been able to squeeze in the 2016 Handmaids Challenge yet either. Boo! Confident though, that we will be able to catch up.


I began thumbnail sketches for this group years ago but they never quite made it to the drawing table. At last, it came together combining some unusual vintage sewing images from my ephemera collection along with some odds and ends. I think it offers some interesting yardage in beautiful, fresh colors. I can’t wait to see what all of you create using it. My personal favorites are the vintage Babydoll Dresses! And the bunting panel.





So, if you happen to be a shop going to Utah, check it out in the

Quilting Treasures Booth #2531

or if a fabric shopper, begin asking for

“Quilting B’s”

at your favorite quilt shop. Available by November 2016


Hand Drawn Chevrons
Hand Drawn Chevrons

Meanwhile, enjoy three of our classic Book Panels newly released & available now!




9 thoughts on “Quilting B’s

  1. Oh these are sooo cute. I love the fabric, Love the baby dolly clothes
    The panels are so great! I want it all 😀
    Janet, you are such an inspiration, and you encourage me to make more wonderful stuff. Especially now that I am a gramma!!! Yes really!!
    I love reading this update ❤

  2. Just BBBBeautiful!!! Love the new color scheme, can’t wait to see in person 🙂

  3. Does this site replace the Tiding of Great Joy site I bookmarked on my computer to find you? This month I’ve sent from San Francisco a baby quilt made from your Animal Games ABC panel that I embellished with lots of embroidery on your always whimsical animals to a nephew’s new baby #2 in Cincinnati. Always gives me as much pleasure to view your artwork.

    1. Hello there – No, this is my blog site but still have the company site as well: tidingsofgreatjoy.com

      I am so happy to hear from you and to know about your Animal Alphabet Games quilt. Have any photos? I would love to see if so. Also, always glad to hear that you enjoy the art work. Thank you.

  4. Love the new fabric B prints. Those will be fun to play with later this summer.

    You mentioned the Handmaids challenge. I have not cut into mine yet, but if the challenge does not look to be happening I guess I will move on. Since my shop has nothing more from that pattern, it will be a challenge to find more.

    1. Hi there – We still hope to conduct the challenge perhaps, mid month. We were thinking, everything pin cushions! Will post in two weeks.

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