Next Pincushion Group


Ta – daaaaa!

Another group of entries,

for the 2016 Handmaids Challenge.

And every bit as charming.

pincushionentryno11apincushionentryno11b pincushionentryno11d

I love seeing all of the creative details and care taken.


More Handmaids girls . .



these cuties with a little something extra?


We’ll wait another couple of days before voting. At least one more entry  is expected.

So again, we will post all images on the Handmaids Facebook page. Once all are posted please vote once in a private email to no later than Tuesday night.

& it’s OK to vote for your own! 😉

Thanks again for sharing your wonderful talent.



8 thoughts on “Next Pincushion Group

  1. Oh My Goodness! I am just blown away with the artistry of these creations. I am falling off of my chair, absolutely gushing with wonderment and sheer admiration! Both groups of pincushions are just outstanding!!!

  2. Love seeing the wonderful creations, but mine did not turn out to be anything nearly so nice, and it is best left hidden from the world. Hope to see the winning ones soon. Thanks for making such wonderful prints. Your designs sing a happy tune.

    Best regards, Mary

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    1. Awe Mary, I hope you will reconsider and submit yours. Besides, a little birdie told me there may be some free fat quarters just for participating. Some incentive?

  3. Would it be possible to put all entries up together? I can’t seem to get back to where the first batch is. (techno challenged)…lol. Thanks so much. This was great fun (to have an entry) and frankly an honor to be in such good company!

    1. Yes Nancy, we have an album of all fourteen entries on the Handmaids Facebook page. Have you ‘liked’ that page? You can see them easily there plus zoom in on them for a close look. Let me know if you are able to view. Btw – you can get there quickly if you click on the Handmaids Facebook badge at the top right in the sidebar here on the blog.

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