She Sews Sea Shells


A new Handmaids® fabric collection is finally here!

“She Sews Sea Shells”

from Quilting Treasures.




This group was inspired by a 1920’s/30’s sepia toned photograph of bathing beauties that I thought would be fun to translate. During my research I came across some wonderful turn of the century swim wear images as well which led me to the stockings (& stocking stretchers) that often accompanied the fashion of that day. I combined both era’s which were well suited, for our  Handmaids®.


Concept and thumbnail sketches for these are recorded in my ‘ideas’ notebook on September 2, 2015. So, it is especially rewarding to finally see these images go from paper to fabric. And, equally rewarding for me is to see these go to you, the makers. I always love seeing what is ultimately created using your talents with our fabrics. A real treat in fact!



Inspiration for the mermaid patch was an antique silver articulated fish, needle case that I discovered. A tiny buried treasure with big possibilities I thought.



I work in watercolor and ink once the sketches are refined to my satisfaction.

Typically following, lots and lots of sketches!


This fun beach-y batch is available now!

So ask your favorite/local quilt shop for,

“She Sews Sea Shells” (by me, J. Wecker Frisch) from Quilting Treasures!






PLEASE, share with us, a comment and/or what you create!


The scripture inspiration sprinkled throughout this collection is from the Proverbs 31 (virtuous) woman. The text in her hair was actually scanned from our family’s 1870’s Bible.

My personal privilege to share.








14 thoughts on “She Sews Sea Shells

  1. :::GASP::: !!
    This fabric is of course, just wonderful.
    I love every one of the designs.
    Well done Janet.
    I have not been around the internets much. Grieving is hard some days.
    It is not fair that I lost my beloved mama and my sweet adorable helper Kitty Pierro. Thank you for providing such creativity and encouragement

  2. Janet, sew adorable!! Hoping a quilt shop in my area will carry sew I can purchase. This fabric will be perfect for a project for my mother-in-law💗
    Thank you for being sew talented and adding the scriptures in your designs🙏🏻🙏🏻 LOVE them ALL!!!

  3. I love this one!!!.The beach is my favorite place! Any chance it will have machine embroidery designs?

  4. Love the crabs on the fabric!!! Would love to make some really, really cute baby item – bib, burp pad, receiving blanket, child’s apron, adult apron – my granddaughter and great daughter (baby) live in Florida and this would be great. I try to sew every day and would be fun to make something out of this cute fabric!!!

    1. Wonderful Carol! I enjoy hearing this, thank you. Did you post a comment on Quilting Treasures Facebook page? They are having a giveaway of this fabric there. Thank you, good to hear from you.

  5. Janet ~ Oh, how I love this fabric! I purchased several yards of the various designs two days ago at a local quilt shop and it is even prettier in real life. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. I am a huge fan and have quite a stash of fabric from your various collections. Your designs always put a smile on my face and inspire me in so many ways! ~ Karen

  6. My daughter (now 40 and mom to a 15 year-old-daughter) used to lie face-down in the tub when she was a baby…and no, she couldn’t swim. She just didn’t know it. I used to call her my mermaid. I own this collection now and it will be turned into something fanciful for her. Thank you, again, Janet, your designs make me think and smile.

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