No Fooling Giveaway

April 1st


we are offering a

G I V A W A Y !

A chance to win in exchange for Joy Studio blog followers.

To enter – Simply click the Follow button to the right in sidebar that says:

Follow Blog Via Email.

Or scroll down on your mobile device to follow.

Then, post a comment saying you did so.

If you are already a follower, you will be entered and a comment will be appreciated.


include some of the LANG products we posted earlier this year,

nesting boxes,

note cubes,

note cards,

ribbon note pads,

jumbo weekly planners,


2017 She Who Sews calendars!

And of course

F A B R I C,

as always.

So, please share with your friends, we are looking for blog followers.

Again, you must use the FOLLOW button to enter, here on the blog to reach you.

Ten winners from the Joy Studio blog Followers list, will be announced April 30th

Thanks for playing, no fooling. 😉






155 thoughts on “No Fooling Giveaway

  1. I love the nesting boxes, as well as all of your work. I am currently in the process of quilting The Sewing Seeds quilt I finally finished piecing.

  2. I love your artwork and most especially the fabric. Would be so great to win some of the prizes. HappyApril and happy sewing!

  3. I just signed up for the email notifications! I thought I already was signed up but guess not! 🙂

  4. Awesome! I have been hoping to find those gorgeous nesting boxes, but sadly our Joann’s is not carrying this line. I have been a blog follower for awhile now. Love, love, love this gorgeous sewing art! Thank you!

    Cathy ♥

  5. Wish I was close enough to a JoAnn’s that carries the boxes !! Hopefully that will carry some of the items in more of the JoAnn’s.

  6. I love those boxes.
    Of course I have been following your blog and your FB pages forever ♥️♥️♥️

  7. These new items are really nice. They will make great gifts, and I could use the notepads for myself.

  8. She Who Sews boxes and journals,note pads,etc.are such a compliment to all women who strive to bring creativity to their lives and those around them. They bring a smile to me every time I see them.

  9. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these items from Lang, I purchase more just yesterday from JoAnns. Love your artistry, you are so talented 😍. Thank you for the opportunity of the wonderful giveaway, good luck to everyone 😊 Have a blessed day🙏🏻

  10. Following, sewing with your fabric, bought the calendar. Should say bought the t-shirt, but can’t find one-lol.

  11. I’ve been waiting for these lovely boxes to arrive at JoAnn Fabrics. But this is even better! Woo-hoo!

  12. Wish Joanns or Lang would put your items on line so the rest of us could buy them. Honestly how do they expect to sell anything if they don’t have available to the general public !

  13. I have been hoping for more machine embroidery patterns to compliment your wonderful fabric…so enjoy your whimsical style!

  14. I followed & am so happy I found your blog today! Off to exploring…love FABRIC, too.

  15. Please…is there any way these products can be made available online!?! The Joann’s that was listed as a store that may carry them closest to me, said they hadn’t ‘seen’ any. I never win anything, and I don’t really mind, because I believe in Jesus, not luck. I am redecorating my craft/sewing room using your “Draw Near” fabric line, and these boxes and notepads would be perfectly at home in my little nest. I don’t even want them free…I want to pay for them, if I could just find them. Thanks, (sorry about the whining) Libby Unnerstall

  16. Very very cute items in the giveaway. Good luck to everyone!! angielovesgary2 atgmail dotcom

  17. I love your fabric lines! I’m waiting for more embroidery designs. I get so many comments when I wear your first one lady on 1 wheeler. Please do some more

  18. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE everything about your Art! Partial to the mermaids as I lived by the ocean before retiring….but there isn’t anything I don’t lile…no joke!

  19. Thank you for the many comments however, you must follow the blog in the upper right sidebar to be entered for this giveaway as instructed.

  20. I’m a follower, both here & Facebook! I’m anticipating the Queen of We’en fabric this month & love all of your fabrics & graphics! This is a joyous giveaway for sure!

  21. Glad to learn of a new source for Handmaids products. I’m following your blog now!

  22. Signed up for your blog. Love your designs. Just finished quilting quilt pieced with your fabric.

  23. Have been a follower FOREVER because I love your fabric! Will send a new recruit your way!

  24. Always happy to see more beautiful fabric! Have been searching for the large face panels! Can’t wait to sew with those!

  25. Love all your poducts! All you need do is look at my stash! I forgot to say that I signed up to follow the blog.

  26. What wonderful products from Lang. They are beautiful and you are so generous! Signed up to Follow with my email address.

  27. Fun! I love all of the Lang items with your designs! Please enter me to your give-away! I have purchased several of the items….but – hey, one can never have too many “She who Sews” items. Thanks so much! BTW – also love your new design with mermaids by the seashore. It is adorable!!

  28. I would love to be picked for your drawings as you know I am a great FAN of all your work!!!

  29. How generous! Love your product. I just bought a few items at my local JoAnn
    store. Happy gal am I.

  30. I have traveled far and wide to buy your fabric designs and am one of your biggest fans. Follow your blog? Absolutely!

  31. Yes, I am a follower. Not only do I get the blog postings by email but I make sure I don’t miss anything by following with Feedly, my reader. Wonderful artwork – I am so fascinated by J’s ability to create.

  32. Joined! I’m so glad I found you and your gorgeous fabrics, vice versa actually! It’s so unique, and that’s what got me into sewing…The unique fabrics! I would absolutely adore your amazing artwork around the house, although, I might end up keeping it where only I can use it! Take care, and I’m glad I found your blog!

  33. I’m not sure if my comment went thru or if it needs to be moderated, but just in case it went bye bye somewhere I’m posting again. If you get 2 you can delete one of them! 🙂 PS of the “She Who” lines, the sewing is my favorite!

  34. I ❤️ All your designs.. i would love to win anyone of your prizes!! Following…

  35. Love your designs And the colors I almost don’t want to cut the fabric!

  36. Im not entering the give away because I’m one of the lucky ones with a Joann’s that carries the line and I’m here to tell you it’s beautiful!! Bought most of it……but my favorite??—-the coffee mugs because they come in gorgeous covered boxes that have a thousand uses.

  37. Always such beautifully design you paint!! The fabric is also very well design and made up. Can’t wait to win!!!

  38. I love your artwork!!! Now following your blog. My favorite is the art related designs, they are so cool!

  39. I have been an admirer of your art line early on! It’s fun to see that you have gone beyond the fabric lines (which as a quilter are my fav) to other products. Thanks for not fooling us this April!!

  40. Following, love the fabrics and all the new products. Would love to win something.

  41. Yes, please, add my name to your list of participants!
    I have been following your fabric “artwork” since my first quilt experience as I “discovered” a remnant of your fabric line in the bin, personally I call it the “play pen”. With loads of help from my teacher I was able to pull a crib sized quilt out of the remnant I scored and have been in love with your artwork ever since. I believe that grand baby is now 13. Whew!

  42. Thank you everyone for these wonderful comments and your kind words. It means so much to hear feedback about my art and designs. These connections outside of the Joy Studio has been a key factor in the creating process.

    Many of you did not follow here on the blog so, just a reminder, only Joy Studio blog followers will be entered in this giveaway.

    Ten more days!

  43. Sew much fun to win your beautiful fabric! I would love to make many things with it.

  44. I have been a fan for about 4 years. (my credit card purchases are testament to my delicious habit) It’s so delightful to discover new options.

  45. I discovered y6our wonderful art a few years back and am currently attempting to sew a qulilt- at last! One of these gifts would be great motivation….just sayin’.

  46. I just love you designs, I love to see fun new fresh sewing themed fabric that is so different than just a needle and thread spool. Awesome

  47. Just stumbled upon this one! What fun, would be great to win. I signed up to follow so I’ll be reading more. Thanks.

  48. Love everything that you do! My fabric stash of your designs look like a store! Haven’t found the paper stuff at my JoAnns yet, but I keep looking!

  49. I have just seen a few pieces of this wonderful fabric. will be on the look out for it!:)

  50. Exciting and unique designs, looking forward to seeing more in due course and working on exciting projects with the fabric I have.

  51. So glad to see this blog….beats having to Google you every time to see what the most recent beautiful items you have come up with. Following!

  52. I hope other JoAnn’s will have your products soon and there will be one close to me. I’m lusting after the nesting boxes and note pads !! LOL

  53. May have followed before, but did again to be sure. Love all of your designs. Would love to have anything from the Lang collection. Still can use the wall calendar ❤

  54. Been a follower and purchaser of your fabric from the very beginning early years.
    Each collection gets better.

  55. As a decorative painter I am inspired by your Draw Near line of fabrics. I love all of your designs and have purchased many of your fabrics for various items I sew. Thank you again for your creativity and inspiration!

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