Great Corset Challenge

Grab your button hook and tighten your laces, the


is about to begin!

This year’s Handmaids Challenge will be sewing and mixed media using our Joy Studio Maker’s Guide.

Part One:
Focusing on the corset/dress-form part of the “Press On” Maker’s Guide, you’ll create an (approximate) 18″ x 18″ finished project of your choosing. So, whatever you like, a pillow, bag, wall piece, etc., within these guidelines, using any fabrics or mixed media that you love working with.

• Simply sign up with an email to (anytime through August)
• We will send you a printable pdf pattern to follow.
• Print, assemble and create!
• Share your progress on social media. On Instagram, #hashtag your photos with #greatcorsetchallenge so we can find and share your work!
• Invite your friends to join the challenge too!


We will need photos of your finished piece by August 31, 2017, which gives you plenty of time to create something amazing! Send as many photos as you like, making sure to show off your work with good lighting (natural light is best.)

1st place winner will receive:

All three Joy Studio Maker’s Guide patterns,

Fabric &

a LANG 2018 She Who Sews calendar and coordinating mug!

2nd place will receive:

One Joy Studio Maker’s Guide pattern of their choice,

Fabric &

LANG She Who Sews note cards and coffee/tea mug.

3rd place will receive:

a Joy Studio Maker’s Guide pattern of their choice

a LANG She Who Sews day planner note pad.



Part Two (optional):
Make one of the full figure applique patterns pieces using one of our three Joy Studio Maker’s Guides (purchase at your favorite quilt shop or, again, using any medium, fabrics, or style!


Top three (different figures) winners will be featured on our blog/social media AND in our booth at this year’s Fall International Quilt Market! Winners will also receive the other two patterns and a LANG 2018 She Who Sews calendar and coffee/tea mug.

We are very excited to see what maker’s will create with our She Who Sews characters!

Here are some we’ve been playing with and hope they will inspire you to try this fun large scale applique.





This is an ALL play challenge so, c’mon show us your corset!!!


14 thoughts on “Great Corset Challenge

  1. I hope that you can share the progress and creations of all of the entrants.
    This contest I will have to back out. It looks positively wonderful and adorable.
    I know there will be some massive skills being shared.
    I am so excited to see😀🎈💕
    Regrettably, or perhaps not, I have too many “plates a spinning” at this juncture in time. New baby on the way, cute adorable 93 year old daddy, being a gramma to the two year old, a big move for the new mama (daughter) two weeks into August. Sheesh.
    I know this is going to be another EPIC challenge and everyone will have something incredible to share. Good luck judges🌷😬😀

    1. Thanks Rosemary. This will be the first time you’ve missed but we understand. Yes, pictures will be posted as always so you can take part in the fun.

  2. I so wish I could participate in this one, but surgery on the tendons in my hand prevent sewing for bit. Can’t wait to see the results.

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