In Case You Missed

In case you missed the announcement,

it’s on the


blog! Please, check it out


leave them a comment?!!

We are very excited to be working with this innovative company.

The first collection, “Paperdoll” delivers to shops in August so be sure to ask about it at yours.

4 thoughts on “In Case You Missed

  1. Hoping that is a printed panel you are holding and that it is one of the surprises coming in the future? I am watching for my favorite two ladies and hoping I’ll see them for purchase in the Fall (fingers crossed!!) Congratulations!!

    1. Uh oh! Not a printed panel. A vinyl panel we used in a display however, we have one you can make!!! At in fact all three using our Maker’s Guides?!!

      1. I think you refer to the applique one with all the pieces? I’m hoping someday for a printed panel. My friends and I would snap those up in a minute to hang on the walls of our studios.

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