Restoration Relief

Doll House Rescue


I just happened to drive by our local resale shop and saw this charming doll house sitting on the sidewalk outside. I couldn’t resist pulling in to take a closer look. Immediately my mind turned to display piece for an upcoming event/pattern project! So I inquired about the price inside. $4.00 I was told . . . SOLD.


Needed cleaning, scrubbing actually and painting to cover the child graffiti scribble. A silly little ‘Fixer Upper’ project but just the kind of restoration distraction I needed following deadlines and regular life struggles in the first half of the year.





I could see potential!


You can’t take the ‘little’ out of the girl, right?

Or the maker!

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7 thoughts on “Restoration Relief

  1. Janet, this is so sweet. I sold a doll house much like this size many many years ago. Just too busy, and the interest was lost. I think I sold it for $25 but it had a lot more and a tool box full of good stuff. I just wanted to find a good home.
    I think it is great that you found this. What a fun project. I am so happy you have to time to focus on this and have fun with it.

  2. This is just perfect for your studio. I will follow to see your restoration results.

  3. Love your rescue project! The word “joy” has personal significance for me…it is, I believe, our purpose in life, to “be joy”. That being said I love the photo “through the door” that frames the word! Cannot wait to see how this “house of joy” turns out.

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