Websters – art, n. 1. activity of creating things that arouse the emotions through one or more senses.  2. things so created. 3. skill or profession. 4. cunning.

Biblical Cyclopedic Index – Joy. 1. Gladness of heart

Hi – I draw, mostly, and have come to understand that it has been my particular gift from God, for my joy and His. Art is my passion, pleasure and preferred means of expression, family and friends, my treasure.  August 2017, I celebrated seventeen years working as an artist/designer in the art licensing field. This was the path that led me to fabric design in the quilt industry where much of my attention is focused.  Connecting with this community offered an embracing, personal interaction to counter balance the isolation aspect of working independently.  I always enjoy sharing a chuckle as others connect with me through a character or particular illustration.  Images and the source of my inspiration are my privilege to share along with industry updates.  So, please let me know if you see anything that stirs an emotion.

J. Wecker Frisch


Draw close to God and He will draw close to you. James 4:8

17 thoughts on “About

  1. I am overjoyed to discover your new website/blog.
    I’ve loved your work for a long time and used your fabrics.

    I believe strongly in divine guidance and today is a perfect example. I have been working (struggling) all day to master a new art for me: mixed media collage and just as I was ready to leave my studio, I opened your email telling me about your new website.

    Wonderful, wonderful. You have made my day and I will check back often.

    Thank you.

  2. Hi!

    Just came across your blog looking for an alphabet fabric I thought you might have designed. I have your Woodland Critters fabric, and love it, love it, love it. I just adore your art.

    I also appreciate the fact that you express where your talent comes from and that this also feeds you spirit.

    Can’t wait to see this new line you are coming out with.

    For there is a time and purpose for everything under the heavens!

    To God be the Glory!

  3. Hi Janet-
    I am a native of St. Louis, now living in northern Colorado since 1991. A few years ago, I discovered your ad in ME’s Home Companion Magazine. And when I saw your website, I had feelings akin to when I opened a beautiful storybook as a child.

    I’ve been popping in to your blog this year (and absolutely relate to your recent post about Facebook and communication) and so enjoyed the wonderful, familiar images of PSH and the Fox).

    Your words and the art you share inspire me and quicken my childhood dreams. Thank you.

  4. I love your blog! Girl you have such a talent with pen, word, color and pen! Thank you for being my friend and sister in Christ.

  5. Hi, Janet! I met you at the Mary Engelbriet Workshop….So love your work and especially how humble you are!

    Many blessings to you….I’m watching my local quilt shops for your designs!


  6. Oh Janet,
    Your delightful pages have kept me writing, and commenting all over the place! I have written on your facebook, posted your site to my facebook wall, read everything on your pages and now will soon be going to the archives of your blog. I have yet to discover how to leave a comment on the pages where you mention the fall festivities give away but I hope you will enter my name in your contest and I will continue to admire your delightful characters for years to come! The only regret I have is that I didn’t find you sooner!
    Norma Jean Rahn
    Havana, Florida

  7. Hello, I have several of your ornaments and enjoy them every year….I was wondering if you still do them?I would sure be interested…..I met you at the Alton Craft show 1996 thur 2000….I love them….

  8. Thank you so much for finding me through my avatar and leaving you nice comments. I really appreciate it and now finding you, and seeing your beautiful work has put a smile on my face. How cool that is to have your art gracing fabric for so many to be able to use in their homes. That must warm your heart. What a blessing! Thanks again!

  9. Janet!!! Hello old friend! (of course, meaning we met a long time ago! lol) I love your blog. You have been busy! Happy to see your success, Janet. If you could get in touch with me, I would like to do an interview with you 🙂 My email address is teresakogut3@gmail.com Thanks Janet! Looking forward to getting re-acquainted with you. Blessings,
    Teresa Kogut

  10. Hi, This is my first time ever to participate in a blog. I’m a great fan of your beautiful creations. I have used many of your Fabrics and Embroidery Designs and have loved them all. It trully is a blessing to find and use your creations with Whispered Seeds of Scripture.
    Bless Your Heart!
    Letha McKinnon

  11. Joy! Hoje are You, tis me Miriam Garcia vovó Mimi, grandm Mimi,☺️, please i do cooking class for children, do You have a Fabric with this theme? Thanks só much, miriam.li@uol.com.br, from Brazil São Paulo, tel, 5511982927007

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