O Tannenbaum

Looking back, it seems I made several posts on Christmas trees, Christmas tree Art, Christmas Tree fences  and Christmas tree decorations last year. Surprisingly, this year we went back to nature. A real tree!

About three weeks ago, I heard the roar of the tree trimmer’s grinding machines coming up the hill. I panicked and then started making calls and sending e-mails letting Ameren UE know that I did not wish to have my trees trimmed. I argued that they were not yet a threat to the above ground power lines in the likely hood of an ice storm. They did not agree . . .

Here is the last one of three White Pines that I planted twenty two years ago just before it got the axe, rather the chainsaw.

The good news – The topped towering pine, became our Christmas tree this year. Not your typical winter evergreen but, it’s tall (aprox 12′-14′), it’s real and it is perfect for our not so typical Christmas.


O Tannenbaum“, or, in its English version, “O Christmas Tree“, is a Christmas Carol of German origin.

A Tannenbaum is a fir tree (German: die Tanne) or Christmas Tree (der Weihnachtsbaum). Its evergreen qualities have long inspired musicians to write “Tannenbaum” songs in German.

The best known version was written in 1824 by the Leipzig organist, teacher and composer Ernst Anschütz. The melody is an old folk tune (Lauriger Horatius). The first known “Tannenbaum” song lyrics date back to 1550. A similar 1615 song by Melchior Franck (1573–1639) begins:

Ach Tannenbaum, ach Tannenbaum, du bist ein edler Zweig! Du grünest uns den Winter, die liebe Sommerzeit.

Collecting Color

A few weeks ago I began to collect the colorful leaves that were beginning to appear everywhere. I’ve never been able to resist picking up every interestingly patterned, colored or sized, etc., leaf that was floating around. This year I found them to be especially inviting and comforting as well.  Such a simple treat to see and enjoy on a brisk walk. Since we live in a heavily wooded area, there was a never ending supply. I am remembering now that I held on to all that I bothered to bend down and retrieve.  Although temporarily forgotten about, evidently I stashed several stacks underneath various items around the house and studio. I’m just now discovering their hiding places. They will be enjoyable to paint.

Primary Color

In anticipation of our church move in, it seemed a good time to spruce up the nursery and pre-school equipment. The last two days provided the perfect weather to take the operation outside.

And the wolf will dwell with the lamb,

And the leapard will lie down with the kid,

And the calf and the young lion and the fatling together;

And a little boy will lead them.     Isaiah 11:6


Next day – We managed to get the cookies decorated today and with only a cup and a half of powdered sugar left for the scratch icing. Decorating the butter/sugar cookies is always the kids favorite part of the cookie making process. Ours had a lot of fun and were very satisfied with their yummy creations.

Christmas Cookie Day

Tuesday was our cookie baking day and a long day at that. We were only able to complete three different recipes even with our extra helpers. Decorating the butter cookies had to be put on hold until the next day.

All day long the kitchen was filled with that familiar sugary dough, baking aroma.

A few snapshots of the pastry chefs.

Coloring Christmas

Sleepovers are very good for catching up on Christmas projects that get put on the shelf until there’s time. I purchased this self color wrapping paper several months ago at a trade show. We got started last night and hope to finish this morning, just enough to wrap mom & dad’s secret present. The kids art will be an added bonus I’m sure. Spent some wonderful quiet coloring time in the process while Frosty the Snowman played in the background. Another memory made!