Mid Year



we are half way through the year already and have yet to get our

2016 Handmaids® Challenge & GIVEAWAY underway.


how about mid July?

Using fabrics from any of the three Handmaids® collections,

She Who Sews,

Draw Near or

Angel Band

we are thinking, pin cushions!

We will post complete details for the challenge on the 15th.

For now, here are more images from the She Who Sews 2017 Calendar from


Available now.



Happy Birthday Dad.



Announcing, a FLASH SALE July 4th

in our JOY STUDIO VINTAGE Etsy shop,

10% Off using Code: july42016


The Process

For June,

my birthday month,

I’m sharing the process that I follow when creating art for product.

Here it is in a visual nutshell.

The LANG 2017 “She Who Sews” calendar and related product.

Available on their site now!


First, lots of sketches.

The mermaid was inspired by this cool antique, articulated fish needle case!

HandmaidsMermaidAHandmaidsMermaidCHandmaidsMermaidD HandmaidsMermaidE HandmaidsMermaidF

When I am satisfied, I transfer the final sketch to watercolor paper and render in ink.


Then I view on the computer to help decide on a color story.


Next, I go to paint.


After that it is scanned into the computer where the layout is refined.

At this stage I love to coordinate the image with encouraging verse content.


Finally, the really fun part, seeing it on product.


And who knows, maybe this could end up on fabric, eh?

You can watch for her later this summer at

Quilting Treasures!


Quilting B’s


“Quilting B’s” is our brand new collection from Quilting Treasures. It is presenting this weekend May 20 – 22 at the International Quilt Market in Salt Lake City, Utah to the trade. The star for this group is the letter B of course. So, bees, birds, butterflies, blossoms, babydoll dresses, babies in bathtubs and birthday cakes! And a bit of inspiration, from the Beatitudes.



Behind however, is the B word that comes to my mind. As in, 2016 is kicking our behinds and running behind has been the constant theme this year. It doesn’t happen often but I missed posting on the blog for April altogether. And we still have not been able to squeeze in the 2016 Handmaids Challenge yet either. Boo! Confident though, that we will be able to catch up.


I began thumbnail sketches for this group years ago but they never quite made it to the drawing table. At last, it came together combining some unusual vintage sewing images from my ephemera collection along with some odds and ends. I think it offers some interesting yardage in beautiful, fresh colors. I can’t wait to see what all of you create using it. My personal favorites are the vintage Babydoll Dresses! And the bunting panel.





So, if you happen to be a shop going to Utah, check it out in the

Quilting Treasures Booth #2531

or if a fabric shopper, begin asking for

“Quilting B’s”

at your favorite quilt shop. Available by November 2016


Hand Drawn Chevrons

Hand Drawn Chevrons

Meanwhile, enjoy three of our classic Book Panels newly released & available now!




Sewing Seeds II


“Sewing Seeds II”




quilt shops now!

Pin cushion prep for quilt market last Fall.



Our October booth in Houston.


Sewing Seeds Scarecrow Dress Form

Sewing Seeds Scarecrow Dress Form


All the way from Canada! Anne Dale of My Sewing Room, Inc. and me.


Sewing Seeds II contains similar heartfelt quotes as in the original collection only with veggies this time. My personal favorite coordinate, is this seed packet inspired, Tomato (pin cushion) Tag toss. Created on ecru (shown) and also black grounds.


Hope you enjoy.

To view the entire group go to:



Of Sober Mind

Be alert and of sober mind.

Your enemy the devil, prowls around like a roaring lion looking for someone to devour.

1 Peter 5:8

My New Year’s post Reseting, was written at a time of personal and spiritual transition, some would call repentance? Refocus? We all have those times I suppose or need to, right? I used words like ‘hopeful’ and phrases such as ‘time to stand firm,’ which were sentiments that revealed my true (& vulnerable) condition. Little did I know when I composed the entry, that all hell (well, not all) was about brake loose in our lives at the start of the year. My written words were equal to drawing a line in the sand, putting a target on your back. Stepping out in faith, moving toward Christ always does. I should have been paying closer attention. Being a creative type however, I’m very easily distracted, what can I say? Simply show me a picture and off I go in an opposite direction, quickly and continually. Artists, sheesh.

Well, we’re only a little under three months in to 2016 and I have and am fighting battles that I never saw coming. I can look back now of course and clearly see that I was not alert. The good news, I’m still learning, slowly but surely. And remembering (AGAIN) to put on my armor. The full armor this time, hopefully. And daily.

To my 2016 list of holidays, hospital & high water I can add HUGH move and change. My knees a bit more wobbly but still standing firm.

Thanks for visiting and please, take the above quote to heART.

On a lighter side, my Lion Tamer from “Circus Menagerie” created a few years ago.

J. Wecker Frisch©

J. Wecker Frisch©

“The Champion” trade card is for sale on our Joy Studio Vintage Etsy Shop.

Colors and text have been altered digitally for this post and are not on the original ephemera piece.

Lang Longings


Following Atlanta Gift Mart’s winter show in January, we made an announcement on Facebook about a new licensing partner.

This one just happens to be,

my first,

life as an artist,

lifetime goals.

Our new partner for a calendar is with,

LANG Publishing!



It has been a full year since our initial meeting there before seeing it come to fruition, but well worth the wait.

Initial Meeting with Lang Jan. - 2015

Initial Meeting with Lang Jan. – 2015

I have purchased their cards and collected their calendars for numerous years which I have kept as sort of a family record. They reveal the appointments, events and common notes of our everyday life as it was, in any given year. All are recorded in the grids of the artful calendar products. The images were simply too beautiful to toss.  I’m so glad to be able to go back over them now, as an actual member of the LANG family! Hard to believe, me.

Our new LANG calendar is called She Who Sews for 2017 from the Handmaids® series. And today, my good friend and artist, Paula Joerling has posted about us in her seventh installation of,

The Story Behind the Art

on her studio blog,

Paula Joering Studio.

I invite you to hop over and check out our story.


As an extra added treat,

during the development process additional art was also chosen from Handmaids® “Draw Near” group for the LANG spiral sketchbook products! I may need several dozen of these.


We are over joyed for this wonderful dream partnership opportunity.

Thank you God!

And thank you Paula.😉

To Err

‘To err is human; to forgive, divine.’

An Essay on Criticism, Part II , 1711 – Alexander Pope


Please F O R G I V E me participants!

Intense focus on a new collection caused me to


the Where Women Create Studio Giveaway drawing!

Deadlines are not my strength however, this is the F I R S T one I ever missed on the blog.😦

So sorry.

Seventy one of you wrote to us about your work spaces and it has been a delightful read. It seams we makers have such strong personal attachments to our work spaces, wherever they may be, that we are naturally interested in each others. And I am no different. I loved reading each one of your comments on one of my, favorite subjects, the studio!


to the 3 winners! Picked at random:

  1. Pamela Huntington
  2. Barbara Struve
  3. Carol Kussart

Please email us with your ship to info at janet@greatjoystudio.com to receive your prize!

I sincerely appreciate all of you for sharing your creative retreats with us.


Stay tuned, for the Handmaids® Challenge Giveaway 2016 announcement next month.


Sometimes, especially during this freezing, snowy week in February, I actually like to work from my bed under a vintage quilt, as in this sneak peek on the lap top below!


JoyStudioQuiltingBs copy