Kid In A Candy Store

Kid in a candy store – That was me, right after my first glimpse of the 2011 CHA Summer Conference & Trade Show on Monday. It was my first CHA show and my roving eyes could scarcely take it all in. There was so much creative ‘eye candy’ to see all together in one place and beautifully displayed. Creativity as far as the eye could see, oh MG (gosh), my mouth was agape with eager anticipation of visiting every booth I could squeeze into one day.

My specific reason for going was attending one seminar, Learning Adobe Illustrator taught by my talented friend Phyllis Dobbs. The class was well worth the investment in time and travel. Phyllis (FB link) provided all of the basic knowledge to begin creating fun computer graphics, also a first for me. I recommend taking one of her classes if you get an opportunity.

During class time I spotted a very fun, decorated hat across the room and maneuvered myself toward the wearer for a closer look. Turned out to be none other, than our LinkedIn group, artist acquaintance, Gail Green. The following day Gail was demonstrating her new line of designer stamps at Impression Obsession.

An added attraction displayed center showroom was the ‘Craft Couture’ display.

It’s good to be home, inspired by all of the creations, creators and vast array of available materials, like visions of sugar plums dancing in my head. I think the two day road trip, just may be the shot in the arm I needed about now. Nothing like a showroom full of every kind of art and craft supplier to spark the imagination.


7 thoughts on “Kid In A Candy Store

  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful pictures with the rest of us that aren’t members of CHA. I so wish I could have attended. Yes, Janet, I think looking at the beautiful work of others definately sparks your own creativity! I whole heartedly agree! I can’t imagine I would ever be good at Illustrator. I have difficulty with Adobe Elements!

  2. wow how cool was that!!! everything was soooo colorful!!! i remember those coventions and remember my first time, you get neckaches from turning your heard so much!!! haha glad to see you took the leap and went, only difference is “Take me with you” lol

    1. I was glad too. I planned to call and drag you along with me! lol, but your big sis explained about the hubs shoulder surgery. Hope he’s doing OK.

  3. o my gosh yes i would have if it hadnt been for that…haha, next time maybe,but thanks for even thinking of me!!! so is August when we will meet up???? going to lake for the week (if he can sleep there) hasn’t been doing that very well and other arm needs surgery too sooooo!!!! who knows. hey, here is my phone email; if you want to contact me. Got a new adventure going on maybe so I will let you know 🙂

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