Cleanup Casualty

Where did July go?

Summer family visits and work on a new fabric line.

Poof, it was gone!

First of the month, with my BIG 2015 deadlines met, feels great! Ahhhhh

Time for a breather . . . and a little creating, just for fun is my August plan.


I’ll be doing it on a clean slate well, drawing table top actually.

Trying to look on the bright side . . of our studio clean up casualty.


As some of you may remember, most of my creating is performed on my dad’s, now vintage, drawing table. Not only does it hold numerous, fond memories for me, but it is an esteemed and sentimental studio piece. I’ve spent many a melancholy moment, years in fact, between sketches reflecting on the stains, splashes and scratches made by him on this favorite time worn treasure. So, I was devastated when of all items, it was nearly destroyed.

Earlier this year, during the studio cleanup, everything had to be moved for the carpet shampoo. After running out of room, I was forced to drag a few things outside temporarily for the shampooer. What could happen on a sunny day after all with no rain in sight, right?




Wait a minute. S U N ?  + Magnifying glass + wood =

F I R E !


It wasn’t sunny when I took everything out. :-(

However, during the many hours waiting for the carpet to dry the shade receded and the table was in full sun. Um, not sure how long. When I finally decided it was time to bring everything back in, I discovered something very odd.

OH NO! S M O K E ???

How? From what? And yes, smack dab in the center of the table top!!! The table was burning.



Of course, the magnifying glass lamp . . . . . and the sun. Not a good combo for wood. What was I thinking?

How dumb, and how sad. I immediately began to douse and investigate. It had burned a nine inch long gouge, nearly all the way through the beloved, irreplaceable table.




So, after a few tears well, quite a few, and panic, I began gently sanding the charred finger wide and deep, damaged section.

I mean, this was not only where my dad worked, sob, sob, but was the only work station I would ever, be able to connect (emotionally speaking) and create comfortably. No, no, no, this could not have just happened I thought, as I sanded, and sanded and sanded. Then pretty soon I began to realize, if I kept sanding, I just may go through to the other side. It was that deep. I decided to stop.



Didn’t look good.

As I stared at the ruined rubble in a daze of despair, it became apparent. If, I wanted to save the integrity of all the stains, the splashes and drips that my dear dad-o left behind and still be able to function, I had to flip the top. After all, I couldn’t bear to sand, fill and refinish the entire top erasing the traces of creating he had left behind.

So, it was decided.



It was the logical solution.


Funny though, how creativity is all tied up to our emotions and how easily that can be interrupted, blocking the natural flow of making. We’ll see.

So goes my tale of the turned over,

clean slate,

in it’s new location,

ready for action . . . again.


Full studio re vamp news & reveal to come – Fall 2015!

Letter Stitch Stool


So many projects and events over the last six months has been beyond challenging. All were wonderful opportunities but most likely, we (I) took on too much, given the time frame. However, I’m happy to say the end is close at hand and we can re-adjust our (my) focus.  We’ll post the work, the fun and some exciting news, throughout the remainder of the year.

One small project I wanted to share now is, our Letter Stitch Stool. We used this in our display at Spring Quilt Market last month and it received much attention. The large antique typography, which I love, is the pattern we chose.

Quilting Treasures offers this print in three soft colors, ecru, lime and orange.

Letters are a generous 4 – 4.5 inches, perfect for any celebration bunting, personalization in a child’s room or studio/office space!


The vintage footstool was purchased from a yard sale many years ago and was shelved. One of those good intentions projects that we all have, right? I thought it was a small upholstered item that even I could tackle. It was quickly discovered, that having all of the necessary tools and supplies, would have been helpful. I did own a magnetic tack hammer and tacks but also opted to use a staple gun.



The photos may appear that this was a nice neat job but I want to warn any of you re-upholstery novices like me. Within the layers of the little old stool, lurked at least a pound (seemingly) of fine dust and icky dirt! Oh my. I wanted to reuse the horsehair stuffing so I took the piece outside to pull the rusted tacks/nails, disassemble, shake out and clean. Blacht!LetterStitchStool5LetterStitchStool6LetterStitchStool7

Since this was my first attempt at a stuffed item, I am not the one to offer an adequate how to although, if pictures truly are worth a thousand words, then perhaps these visual steps will help. I simply tried to put it back together, the same way it came apart. I had to replace the batting and some stiff cardboard used on the frame. I used mat board scraps and quilt batting supplies that I already had on hand.


Not a bad first attempt, and not my last. Lots more stools and numerous seats, still to cover.

And I plan to use Letter Stitch!

Available in quilt shops July, 2015




It’s been a month since our last post.

Just after our CP (play) D, the work started, and we haven’t looked up since.

Here’s some, of what we’ve been up to in the studio:

Spring sprucing . . .




Quilt Market

planning, making, staging!

LSShowPlan1LetterStitchPlan2LetterStitchPlan3 LetterStitchPlan4LetterStitchPlan5

More on the studio cabinet reveal, forthcoming,


for our complete “Letter Stitch” album at the

Minneapolis International Quilt Market, friend me or view on Facebook.

The collection delivers to quilt shops July, 2015

Also, details on the Letter Stitch upholstered project, next post.


CPD #4


Officially, Create Play Date #3 however, we posted an unofficial 3rd a year ago Feb., that I did as a solo.

None the less, it has been w-a-y too long between creative play dates with friend,

Ann(ie) Regal.

Together, we enjoyed a little play, with applique.


Designs we’ve had on the table for some time now, finally made it, to the cutting table.


And, the ironing board.


Ann showed me the ins and outs on applique building using one of my recent designs from

Letter Stitch, showing next month at the International Quilt Market in Minneapolis.

It was a fun collaborative effort.


Featured fabrics are from Quilting Treasures Draw Near & Sewing Seeds collections.

More on this pattern and additional designs, coming soon.

Digging It



Time to try, taming the terrain.

Following winter our wooded lot is always wild and wooly.

Lots of weeds, invasive vines

and forgotten friendly faces, needed digging up.


Much mulch to be moved.

Three truck beds so far and more to come.





After the first couple days,

starting to notice, some surprising sprouts.


Including . . .

post planting poison ivy rash, picked up in the process!



These hands & body, are ready to return to my desk/drawing table job.


Speaking of wooded lots . . .

Posted This Week,

WOODSY WONDER artist fabric samples on Our Etsy Shop!


Our first three Handmaids® Collections,





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There were SO MANY beautiful post card Valentines, we also decided that everyone who participated by sharing their works with us, should have a prize!

Additionally – We are pleased to be sending all of you, 2 fat quarters from one of the three Handmaids® collections.

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T H A N K   Y O U

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We are excited to be working on additional Handmaids® images in 2015 for new product so please keep following.


Last but not least,

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